Best Hiking Boots for Arch Support in 2024

Conquer the trails less traveled with Salomon Quest 4 Gore-Tex Hiking Boots. Our experts traversed over 1,200 miles of terrain to bring you Best Hiking Boots for Arch Support with performance and protection that will last.

 Specially designed for hiking in all conditions, these boots feature waterproof and breathable materials, wide toe boxes for extra comfort, and gusseted tongues, so your feet stay dry no matter what trekking route you choose. Whether on a day hike or an ambitious backpacking journey – it’s time to take every step confidently with the best hiking boots.

Our Top Picks for Best Hiking Boots for Arch Support

1. Salomon Quest 4 Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Best Hiking Boots For Arch Support

Revamped and ready-to-go, Salomon’s Quest 4 Gore-Tex Boots are the perfect marriage of structure & style. Providing ample toe & heel protection to keep your feet safe while carrying heavy loads with increased ankle/heel support than its predecessor and a more flexible midfoot plate that allows easier flexing – they’ve got you covered on whatever terrain awaits.

 Plus, their waterproof material exterior offers breathability plus hardwearing durability, ensuring long-lasting comfort for all shapes and sizes without any prolonged break-in time. Make sure every adventure is completed: grab yourself a pair today or hit the trails ready for anything with these trusty boots by your side.

The Quest 3D is a great hiking boot, proven time and again. It’s been our top pick since 2018—across four iterations of the product. Versatile enough to handle any terrain you encounter on your adventures, it offers unbeatable waterproofing and plenty of traction for challenging surfaces like snow and mud.

But if lightweight comfort without compromising stability is a priority for you, check out our also-great pick: La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX boots. 

No matter what route you choose over the past few years, in testing ten pairs across three versions of this boot, we’ve found that they can confidently brave challenging trails, conquer glaciers traverse rocky paths wade through streams, trek late-season snows, and slosh through knee-deep muck – the perfect companion no matters where life takes you next.

Highly breathable, waterproof, and designed to fit your foot shape perfectly – these shoes provide optimal grip in every terrain, so you can rest assured that wherever life takes you this year, it won’t be without some serious support from Salomon.

An improved lug design along the bottom provides maximum stability on wet and dry surfaces-even when scrambling or climbing mountainsides- these true-to-size (same as street shoe) footwear pieces certainly live up to their name: they’ll get any quest started no matter what awaits around each corner.

Are you looking for robust hiking boots with extra stability and heel support? Look no further than Quest: updated in 2021, these sturdy contenders weigh more than 2 lbs. 13 oz., but don’t worry

– they won’t feel overbuilt or constricting on the trail. Perfect for long day hikes carrying heavy backpacks to give you maximum comfort even during arduous treks. Get your pair now; let’s take off together into adventure land.

If you’re looking to take on any hiking challenge confidently, the Quest boots are a must-have. Their underfoot protection is second-to-none thanks to midsole EVA foam cushioning and an arch shank for superior stability – providing those heavy packers or parents carrying children extra mileage without foot pain. 

Even after long treks through rocky terrain, their Heel and Toe Protection ensures your feet stay comfortable while still being able to sense the ground beneath them. Whether narrow or wide feet – these built-for performance boots offer unparalleled versatility no matter where life’s Quest takes you next.

Are you looking for a boot that can offer superior foot comfort and hiking performance? Our testers tried the Quests, which provided just that

– with ample toe room for thicker socks, your feet will be nice and snug even if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. If you have wider feet, our budget pick of Merrell Moab 2 boots is perfect. No more sacrifice of comfort or performance when hitting the trails this season.

2. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Best Hiking Boots For Arch Support

Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots, available in men’s and women’s sizes, provide durable performance hiking on a budget. With waterproofing capabilities (though not for long treks) and good ankle support to tackle moderate hikes with ease while keeping your feet comfortable, these boots are the perfect solution.

 Best of all, they come in both regular & wide widths offering superior comfort if you have wider feet. Not ideal for extended wet or rocky journeys due to lack of traction but overall an excellent performer at a great price tag.

The Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is here and promises an unbeatable fit for both men & women. With its low price tag, versatile design, and impressive grip – this much-loved standby has been impressing hikers & backpackers for years.

Plus, with wide or medium-width sizes available, you’re sure of a perfectly comfy fit every time. In 2018 these beloved boots underwent re-design, making them even better than before – so what are you waiting for? Get out in style today with the iconic “Mother Of All Boots.”

Perfect for shorter hikes on easy terrain, the Moab 2 boots are lightweight, weighing only 2 pounds and 4 ounces per pair. 

They come equipped with waterproofing, so your feet stay dry, and feature a quick break-in time of just one mile. With decent underfoot protection offering grip on varied terrains, these shoes will also have you exploring in comfort and safety – but they may not be ideal for wet or steep conditions requiring extra traction beyond five miles.

Get out on the trail with Moab 2 boots. For under $150, these ultra-breathable hiking shoes are perfect for weekend warriors and shorter hikes. However, opt for something more supportive for bigger adventures or heavier packs.

While their mesh panels offer excellent ventilation, hikers should know that some debris can get in around the wide ankle section – and watch your step when it’s wet outside.

With the Moab 2 boots, you won’t have to worry about fit. They come in two widths for a comfy feel that fits just right – something not always found with other brands we’ve tested. And should you experience any issues?

Merrell has your back – customers can take advantage of their free returns policy within 30 days. Plus, when it comes to online purchases, REI and Zappos are unbeatable; they provide excellent return policies even if the item has already been used.

3. La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX

Best Hiking Boots For Arch Support

Outdoor adventurers, rejoice. La Sportiva’s Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX is here to make your treks even more impressive. Whether it’s a heavy pack or carrying around the kids, you’ll get all the ankle support and lightweight performance trail running shoes provide without any compromises. Enjoy effortless flexing with every step for easy driving and walking and seamless on/off capabilities.

 Plus, don’t worry about wet terrain – this footwear provides reliable waterproof protection, solid underfoot support, and ideal traction in slippery conditions. Ready to take off? Just remember they might run small, so size up if needed.

La Sportiva’s Ultra Raptor II boots (men’s and women’s) have all the features you love from their former top pick, Sabers. Lightweight and flexible while boasting plenty of traction make these a must-have for any explorer looking to take on more challenging terrains. Plus, they’re waterproof yet breathable – an impressive balance that can be tough.

 With additional toe protection compared with other models, plus the built-in trail running midsoles & outsoles offering even more support, it doesn’t get much better. Remember, like most boots worth your time, Raptors need some breaking-in before hitting those trails comfortably, so remember to give them extra TLC when possible.

The lightweight Raptor boots make them a clear winner for anyone looking to take on the trail. With their men’s model weighing in at just 2 pounds and the women’s clocking 1 pound 7 ounces – you can be sure your legs won’t feel as tired after a hike compared with other leading models. 

Their ultra-flexible midfoot makes driving more comfortable too. Plus, they’re ready for any weather conditions: from rock terrain & mud floored forests; to snowy mountains or desert landscapes – nothing stands in these Raptors’ way.

Tested for over a year, the Raptor boot’s breathable Gore-Tex lining and compression-molded soles offer superior comfort. 

Their rubber toe caps protect feet from bumping up on rocks or roots while walking along lake shores in Banff – all without compromising waterproofness. Though they didn’t quite measure up to Salomon Quests’ Contagrip outsoles, their performance still held its own against other competing boots.

The Raptors may take a bit longer to break in than others, but they have the benefit of coming at the half size more oversized and with both regular-width and comprehensive sizes options – more foot shapes now accommodated.

So if you need wider shoes for your adventurous life, the Raptors will be perfect. But do try it on before buying so that it adjusts nicely to all your challenges along the way. Get them from trusted retailers like.

4. Topo Athletic Trailventure 2 WP

Best Hiking Boots For Arch Support

For any explorer looking to take on the great outdoors, there’s nothing quite like a dependable pair of dependable shoes. That was once reserved for traditional leather boots, but now, lightweight footwear has taken over.

Introducing Topo Athletic’s Trailventure 2 WP:combining all of the support and stability you need with an ultra-fast feel designed for easy trails and light loads alike. 

This versatile shoe boasts everything from a full-length rock plate that provides superior protection to ZipFoam midsoles offering plush cushioning – perfect for long-distance hikes with style. So don’t get weighed down by bulky gear – experience freedom on your next outdoor adventure in the new Trailventure 2 WP.

If you’re looking for lightweight footwear that won’t hold you back, the Trailventure 2 WP could be your go-to. Comfort and mobility are outstanding with a streamlined collar, accommodating fit, and wide toe box – perfect to explore any terrain.

 But if off-camber sections or steep descents aren’t usually on your agenda, then look no further; this shoe will take good Care of you while remaining uncompromised in most other aspects like traction thanks to Vibram Megagrip outsole plus a watertight membrane so rain can never slow down your adventures.

Who should wear these boots?

Ready to conquer the trails? Take your journey up a notch with an unbeatable pair of hiking boots. Whether you’re planning for days, weeks, or even months, hiking boots will ensure complete ankle support and stability under any load.

Get ready to experience nature in all its glory: discover terrain from beginner hikes through intermediate trails in comfort like never before. With quality footwear comes epic adventure…step into freedom today.

Explore the great outdoors with confidence in a trusty pair of hiking boots. Our guide covers all your day-hiking needs and beyond. Get yourself ready for weekend camping trips, short hikes, or journeys further off the beaten path – our range of shoes is designed to meet any challenge with up to 25-pound backpacks, so you’re covered for whatever adventures await.

Everyone’s feet are different. That’s why we chose boots designed to suit a range of gaits and accommodate varying foot sizes, arch heights, and pronation/supination levels – regardless of gender.

Studies show diverse differences between men’s & women’s feet, yet all our picks fit both sexes perfectly thanks to sizing variations available in the same model. Your search for comfortable boots ends here.

Everyone has a unique foot shape, and finding the right hiking boot is essential for maximum comfort and safety. We’ve got you covered with our carefully crafted selection of boots tailored to different shapes and sizes – plus, we’re providing some helpful advice on choosing the best fit based on terrain plans. Make sure your feet feel secure & supported this season; read through our guide now.

How we selected these boots?

How your boots look is essential, but there’s so much more that sets excellent hiking footwear apart. After evaluating over 125 pairs of boots plus the expertise of outdoor experts and reviews from Amazon & REI to GearLab and Outside, we hand-selected 41 selections for rigorous testing – 26 in 2018, 10 in 2020, and an additional five this year. 


When it comes to luxury and comfort, nothing beats a well-fitting boot. Check out our ultimate buying guide you buy your next pair – because when it’s all said & done -fit matters.


Superior support and comfort are absolute must-haves when selecting a hiking boot. Choose one that steps up to the challenge of cradling your foot in place with optimal lockdown for an unbeatable fit, reinforced by an efficient lacing system that’s built to keep you going all day long.


 With their unbeatable solid traction, you won’t need to worry about slipping around in rugged terrain – no matter how muddy, wet, or icy it gets. And don’t forget – they’ll help you through any challenging obstacles, be it tree roots, loose rocks, or slippery boulders.


Achieve complete coverage and protection on the trails with hiking boots designed to safeguard your feet from rocks, roots, and another rough terrain. Reinforcements like toe caps, ankle guards, and underfoot shields will ensure a safe adventure no matter what nature throws at you.

Water Resistance

Whether scaling a rugged mountain or navigating through a tranquil valley, you’ll need reliable footwear to tackle your outdoor adventures. Look no further than hiking boots that protect against creeks, snowfall, and unexpected showers – ensuring safe passage for all of life’s voyages.


Staying cool during summer hikes is the key to a successful outdoor journey. With hundreds of boots on the market, which ones are up for the challenge? To help you uncover what boot stands strong against hot days and long trails without compromising foot protection or water resistance, we put each brand’s “breathable technology” through rigorous research and testing – making sure our feet stay dry but never sweaty.


We did an extensive comparison of hiking boots, taking note of the letters “V,” “GV,” and “GTX” at the end to understand what materials were used in each model. We also examined if tongues were gusseted, which can make all the difference for keeping out sand & water when you’re exploring nature.


High-quality hiking boots have the potential to last years on some of life’s most challenging trails. Our team interviewed experienced footwear designers and learned that a dependable pair could get you between 300 – 500 miles depending on terrain, weather conditions, gait & pack weight. 

To ensure our customers only receive sturdily built products with good warranty programs and stellar customer service ratings, we tested several options before recommending them. Worn seams & soles or broken laces are major red flags for low durability – so keep an eye out during your journey.

Taking Care of your boots

It’s time to get serious about your footwear maintenance. Be aware of everyday dishwashing soap – it may seem convenient, but dirt is attracted to it. For the best boot cleaning routine? Use Nikwax Water-Based Shoe Cleaner and experience long-lasting protection that will help keep away mud & dirt.

Protect your boots in all seasons. Storing them in a warm and dry space, like your closet, ensures their durability so you can enjoy the outdoors for years to come. 

Henkes explains that when taking seasonal breaks from wearing them – such as during winter months – not allowing maintained heat on the glue may result in sole delamination over time. Keep those hiking trails fresh with careful storage at home.

Bring your boots back to life each month. Walking the dog is the perfect way for them to stay flexible and understand that you’re still trusting those beloved shoes. Keep them fit with a stroll – getting out of a rut never felt so good.

How To Find The Best Fit?

Make sure your feet get the perfect fit with our expertly designed boots. With various lacing systems that let you customize wider toe boxes, we’ve got everything to help accommodate even wide or narrow foot sizes. But there’s no substitute for trying on the boot

– if you buy online, order several different ones from retailers like REI or Zappos so that free shipping returns make it easy in case something needs to be fixed.

Finding the perfect-fitting boots for your next outdoor adventure can be daunting. But REI’s Beth Henkes and residency-trained podiatrist Jim McDannald have you covered. The first step is to order online in the proper size or go up half a size—never down.

To ensure complete satisfaction, visit an outdoor gear store at the end of the day when feet are their most significant and check that there’s a thumb’s width between toe and boot; this will give additional room as feet swell during hikes. Now get out those doors with confidence – fit matters.

A good boot fit is essential for a successful journey. According to Henkes, in addition to the extra room, as you descend hillside trails, it’s important not to “jam your toes” or risk losing them. To ensure the perfect size, wiggle those toes and look out for the infamous “windshield wiper” effect; if there’s too much movement from side to side, they may be too broad.

 Don’t forget that while heel lifting should remain minimal—essential even —it mustn’t rise beyond maximum comfort levels, just enough motion, so Achilles’ tendons are supported during blistered treks ahead.

How We Selected These Boots?

After rigorous testing by 26 hikers in 13 states and three provinces, we put our boots to the ultimate test. From Austin’s rocky terrain to Vancouver’s coastal trails—and even across the sea for hikes overseas in Iceland and New Zealand.

—our testers explored all season long, trudging through snowdrifts or sloshing through the mud with complete confidence. Our research resulted in plenty of praise from male and female walkers who wore them on every adventure imaginable: up steep inclines, down slippery gravel paths even around town.

Our testers took on the challenge of hiking for over 1,200 miles in 2018-2021, with 2 million steps taken. Having fitness trackers and packs to keep track of their progress every inch along the way – from terrain to climate conditions – they also provided invaluable insights about break-in times for boots. What’s more impressive? Some even chose to take this trek pregnant or accompanied by friends, kids, and dogs.

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