The 7 Best Hiking Boots for Backpacking in 2024

Are you an avid hiker? Or a beginner looking for the ultimate backpacking experience? Whatever your skill level, having the right shoes on your feet is essential to ensure you reach your destination safely and comfortably. 

Best Hiking Boots for Backpacking provide superior cushioning, stability, and support—all critical elements when facing unpredictable terrain.

But don’t worry because we have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of our top picks. Our Best Hiking Boots for Backpacking review will help point you in the right direction so you can focus on enjoying nature confidently.

Our Top Picks for Best Hiking Boots for Backpacking

1. Salomon Quest Prime GTX

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX is a beast of construction, able to easily take on any terrain. Our week-long journey proved its incredible durability; no scratches or abrasions were visible when we arrived. 

Moreover, the boot’s Gore-Tex feature efficiently kept rainwater out and prevented wetness from soaking in. Despite such rough usage – comfort was not sacrificed. Its plush confines supported us throughout our trekking adventure, complete with an incredibly cosy footbed that made it all possible.

The Quest Prime GTX is truly a remarkable boot – its arch zone provided us with the comfort and support we needed during our tough journey, making every step seem effortless. Even after carrying heavy packs all day, no soreness remained in our arches.

 If you want to experience this amazing feeling for yourself then make sure not to hesitate when considering buying them – trust us; they won’t let you down.

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX is a great choice for backpackers, offering comfort and reliability. Its lightweight construction allows hikers to traverse vast distances easily, while its Contagrip outsole provides an unbeatable grip that adapts perfectly to any outdoor situation. 

Equipped with dual-density cushioning in the midsole and an accommodating toe box design, this boot offers reliable protection against foot fatigue – ideal for long treks. Despite some lacing issues reported by dissatisfied users, it remains a worthy investment deserving of all your praises.

Get ready to amp up your comfort with the Ortholite Sockliner footbed. This patented PU formula offers benefits – durable cushioning, enhanced breathability and optimal moisture management. It even wicks away sweat for an all-day fresh environment without any added weight or worries about washing.

But that’s not all; Salomon has also integrated Advanced Chassis technology into their design for maximum stability, control and protection when you need it most. 

The unique construction includes a lightweight EVA midsole to reduce fatigue, TPU chassis support, and a rubber outsole grip element – ultra-tough yet breathable thanks to its waterproof split suede leather uppers combined with Gore-Tex Extended Comfort liner tech.

The Salomon Quest Prime GTX is an innovative backpacking boot that promises breathability and waterproofness. Combining a durable, water-resistant split suede leather upper with the Extended Comfort liner from Gore-Tex ensures performance in moderate to warm conditions without insulation.

 Further protection comes courtesy of rubber toe caps for obstacle support, mudguard overlays against abrasions, gusseted tongues to keep out debris, and heel caps providing stability at the rearfoot – perfect for any nature adventure.

2. La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX

After an exhaustive roundup of more than 100 backpacks, the verdict is in—the lightest one goes to La Sportiva’s Nucleo High II GTX with a remarkable weight of just 470 g per boot. You can thank its slim design and protective overlays for that impressive feat.

 It delivers sheer heft and all-day comfort thanks to supple cushioning in strategic areas and plush padding around your feet. And lastly, don’t worry about letting water ruin your adventures because this backpack defeats wetness like none other–our testing proved so after walking through 3 ½ inches-deep puddles.

Fuel your outdoor adventures and elevate your performance with the Nucleo High II GTX by La Sportiva. This weather-ready, snappy, protective hiker can make you feel like nature was crafted for you. 

This upgraded upgrade of a well-loved trekking boot is designed to be better in every way than its predecessor. Take on multi-day treks confidently by wearing this incredible footwear from La Sportiva.

Trekkers have hailed the La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX as a “fantastic” and “superior” choice, with plenty of arch support even for those with flat feet. Comes as no surprise considering the lightweight nature of this backpacking boot. 

Coupled with an impressively grippy Vibram outsole, hikers can tackle any terrain without fear or discomfort – its Gore-Tex design provides waterproofing so that you won’t get bogged down by excessive sweat either. And it’s worth noting that this great trekking gear looks just as good on your feet as it performs off them.

Experience two-fold awesomeness with the Nucleo High II GTX boot – not only does it boast REI Co-op’s Editor’s Choice Award, but its insole from Ortholite is engineered to fight even the most persistent odours. This innovative material was a Gear of The Year winner for Outside Magazine in 2017. Keep those feet feeling fresh and fashionable no matter where your adventures take you.

3. Danner Mountain Light II

Embark on your leather-clad adventure with the Mountain Light II from Danner—the perfect accompaniment for any outdoor excursion. This ruggedly handsome boot features a virtually seamless, oh-so-supple upper that will take you by surprise.

 It looks good and is incredibly comfortable and supportive, allowing feet of all sizes to traverse terrain with fist-sized rocks like real cowboys (loaded knapsacks). Ready your boots: an incredible journey awaits.

Even the toughest terrain proved no match for our Mountain Light II trekking boots. Its toothy outsole gave us secure footing on slippery, muddy paths while ascending tricky inclines was an absolute breeze. Utterly reliable yet undeniably incredible – a boot that knows how to get things done.

The legendary Danner Mountain Light II boot has been a staple of outdoor adventure for over 10 years, with its renowned artistry and durability captivating fans worldwide. However, some may need to be narrower (requiring modifications). But don’t let that stop you from owning this stylish piece.

 One unique feature is the Vibram Kletterlift outsole – ideal for gripping rocks like no other since it possesses an extra-large contact area along with multi-directional lugs; even difficult terrain can be managed due to angled heels and toes which reduce strain on your feet. In conclusion, then? The perfect hiking companion awaits in Danner’s iconic mountain light series.

The Danner Mountain Pass Boot is designed with a snug fit and superior traction in mind, featuring the Airthotic support system and handcrafted Vibram Kletterlift sole. The robust leather upper keeps damaging debris to a minimum.

 At the same time, the Gore-Tex liner ensures waterproofness and breathable insulation on even treks up steeper terrain thanks to its fibreglass shank for extra stability. Durability meets comfort – all you need now are good hiking trails.

The Danner Mountain Light II offers an optimal combination of stability and flexibility, with a lightweight fibreglass shank allowing for natural foot movement. Its breathable midsole is crafted from EVA partnered with the half-length, moulded PU Airthotic, which supports the arch to keep feet aligned during long hikes. 

Perforations on this footbed provide enhanced air circulation. In contrast, its one-piece upper construction provides complete waterproofing thanks to Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane technology that allows heat expulsion and maximum comfort despite tough terrain conditions.

Keep your boots in top condition by properly cleaning and waterproofing them after each outing. Using a wet rag, sponge or brush to wipe the grime away is essential before applying Danner’s specialized gel sparingly; make sure to rinse off any excess with tap water afterwards. 

If you’re short on time, opt for a boot dryer but never use hair dryers or open flames, as they can severely damage the leather. For nubuck, suede or rough-out leather models – stick with spray — be careful to avoid overapplying, though, since that leads towards heavy boots and unsightly spots between lining and rubber.

4. Teva Grandview GTX

The Teva Grandview GTX is a mid-top hiking boot that perfectly balances lightweight comfort and waterproof security on challenging hikes. It comes with an adjustable Universal Heel Lock System so you can have your fit without sacrificing any cushioning and a roomy toe box to ensure total foot protection and maximum ease at every step.

 Perfect for male or female outdoor adventurers who need reliable support. Conquer the trail confidently in this waterproof boot, designed to keep you safe and secure. It is equipped with a Vibram Megagrip outsole with an innovative combination of triangular and bone-shaped lugs for superior traction on wet or dry surfaces.

 The sole’s forefoot and rearfoot zones are ridged, which allows you to tackle tricky terrain easily, while extra protection at the toe box keeps your feet protected from hazards along the way.

Take every step with confidence and comfort in the Teva Grandview GTX. This footgear features a midsole topped off with PU cushioning and an upper made of mesh combined with eco-friendly leather sourced from Leather Working Group-certified tanneries that promote sustainable practices. 

The Gore-Tex Leaf membrane protects against wet encounters while letting moisture escape, plus it’s crafted using 71% recycled material. And remember the micro waffle knit fabric for extra softness around your feet.

The Grandview GTX’s closure system offers a unique combination of convenience and sustainability, featuring eyelets and an innovative Universal Heel Lock System crafted from recycled Repreve plastic. To ensure maximum versatility on the trail, both ends are fitted with toe cap protection and heel counter support for enhanced stability – all of which can be accessed in no time thanks to its handy pull tab tongue feature.

5. Lowa Camino GTX

Step into the Camino GTX from Lowa, and you will be astounded by its impressive, unrivalled durability. Despite being strong as a tank on the Outside, it is smooth and smooth – true sorcery.

 And if that wasn’t enough of an enchantment for you yet, this boot also boasts exceptional performance in any terrain, tackling muddy slopes. Check. Slippery hills? No problem. Gritty tracks? Bring them on – this boot is ready to go above and beyond no matter what mother nature throws.

If you’re looking for a boot ready to explore right out of the box, look no further than the Camino GTX. With its rock-solid stability and surefooted grip on any terrain, from rocky paths to rooty trails, it’ll keep up with your every move.

 But remember comfort – this silky smooth collar will coddle your ankles in velvety softness for hours, making each journey pleasant. Treat yourself today and invest in these unbeatable boots – they won’t disappoint you.

The Lowa Camino GTX features DuraPU foam with SPS Cushioning for unmatched support and comfort. The stiff PU midsole’s 5mm to 3mm curve provides stability, while TPU inserts promote supination/pronation control. 

For extra reinforcement on any terrain, a hard nylon stabilizer diffuses strain from arches to help you go further. This shoe’s environmentally-friendly design combines durability and performance – perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

The Lowa Camino GTX has earned the admiration of many for its unbeatable construction and supportive ankle fit. Its superb grip on varying ground types made it an instant hit, not to mention critics’ fascination with its innovative lacing system. Sturdy yet requiring no break-in time whatsoever – that’s an amazing combination. 

But unfortunately, some product issues have caused dissatisfaction in other consumers as well; nevertheless, this awesome offering features Vibram Apptrail outsole, which provides excellent traction through deep lug self-cleaning soles ideal for any terrain you encounter plus distinct front heel edges ensure secure descents every step of the way.

With Lowa’s Climate Control System, trekkers can stay comfortable and dry no matter where the journey takes them. The footbed has a breathable top layer with foam cradling for customized support that fights against friction and fatigue. Air circulates through strategically placed perforations in the boot’s collar to keep your feet cool during long trips.

 On the upper of these boots is 2mm thick nubuck leather designed to be both durable and resistant against abrasion while maintaining its light weightiness – plus an extra GTX lining that offers waterproof protection on wet terrain.

Experience one-of-a-kind comfort with the new all-terrain Lowa boot. Engineered to provide superior, flexible support over any landscape, its streamlined design is crafted to hug your feet and move in unison as you tackle nature’s toughest obstacles – from lacing loops that assure a natural fit across each toebox for effortless pull when tightening up those laces:

FlexFit Technology which ensures an optimal ankle flex zone combined with enhanced heel contact area ensured by the special lace loop construction; plus also includes a C4 Tongue padded asymmetrically around arch points bent on eliminating pressure and maximizing walking ease. No matter where your journey takes you this season – do so, knowing unrivalled reliability awaits in every step.

6. Oboz Sawtooth II Mid

Ready to hit the trails? Look no further than the versatile and lightweight Sawtooth II Mid. Boasting unbeatable affordability with a 150-dollar MSRP, this trekking boot will keep more money in your pocket — not weighing you down like other backpacking shoes. 

Not only is it comfortable for extended wear on any surface, but its superior shock absorption technology ensures smooth sailing even up hilly terrain. So why spend more when you can have these features at an incredible price tag?

The Sawtooth II Mid knows no limits regarding interior comfort and support – from the moment you put them on your feet, they immediately envelop in plush security. The heel zone is a source of particular admiration; our heels were securely encased with no hint of slippage or dreaded blisters. 

This non-waterproof trekking gear also provides unparalleled breathability for all adventurers looking for reliable footwear at an affordable price – don’t miss this chance to make wise use of your hard-earned bucks.

Oboz’s Sawtooth II Mid boot is an exceptional option for hikers and adventurers looking for a trustworthy, heavy-duty companion. This trusty hiking/backpacking boot provides excellent support to the wearer’s feet – no matter what terrain you explore. Crafted from quality leather, this traditional offering takes time to break in but offers unparalleled comfort when it does.

 It has withstood numerous hikes (and work days where standing belongs on your agenda) without showing any signs of premature wear or tear – plus, its built-in water resistance ensures that even the wettest weather won’t dampen your explorations.

For the outdoor enthusiast looking for footwear that will last season after season, look no further than Oboz’s flagship Sawtooth boots. This OG has been around since their launch and continues to be a top seller due to its heavy-duty construction combined with leather uppers – although these features mean you’ll have to take it easy during the break-in period before taking on long treks.

 The sole and outsole are stunningly crafted. However, one downfall is how unsafe wet surface traction can prove – so if your journey takes you up mossy rocks, proceed with caution or risk falling flat.

Oboz hiking boots provide unbeatable comfort with their O-fit insoles, moulding to the shape of your feet for ultimate support and cushion. The boot lacing ensures a snug fit that helps lock in your foot, so there’s no sliding around.

 Durability comes at the cost of extra weight – you may find them sluggish compared to other options but don’t let it stop you from achieving your goals. Each hiker is on their journey – equip yourself with Oboz gear and explore.

7. Salomon Quest 4 GTX

The Salomon Quest 4 GTX: a great value for just $230. Featuring waterproof protection, an ultra-durable and hardwearing construction that will provide long-lasting comfort over tough terrain or extended hikes – plus the added grip of its rugged sole design – these Boots are perfect for anyone looking to explore the outdoors with confidence.

 The unbeatable combination of quality materials and solid performance makes them worth their price tag. They provide reliable support all year round so you can focus on where your feet take you next.

Regarding traversing rough terrain, only some boots can compare to the durability and protection of Salomon hiking shoes. Crafted with Contagrip soles that hold steady in wet and dry conditions, these robust kicks offer consistently reliable performance no matter where you go. And when your feet have been through a lot on lengthy hikes?

 That’s not an issue either – thanks to a plentiful room for swelling within their true-to-size fit construction plus “wings” which snugly hug the foot for supportive stability. Ready for anywhere: adventure awaits.

The Salomon Quest 4 GTX boots are renowned for unparalleled levels of comfort. They feature an Ortholite insole, ample ankle padding and excellent lacing, which make them comfortable right out of the box – despite being a bit stiff initially. 

A traditional hiking boot feel is provided by the 12mm heel-to-toe drop, so you can be sure your feet won’t tire quickly over long distances. With only a few days to break them in properly, these durable shoes provide superior cushioning on rough and rocky trails. The heftier weight of 23oz/655g guarantees they will last through many adventures.

 Things to remember about Hiking Boots

Why Choose a Hiking Boot?

With such an incredible selection of hiking footwear, it’s a cinch to find the perfect pair for any adventure. From lightweight trail runners ideal for casual day hikes around town to hefty leather boots weighing in at 4 pounds or more – there’s sure to be something just right. 

However, when searching for dream shoes, you want comfort and lightness with enough support and stability based on your hike style. Our experts usually recommend choosing flexible yet supportive top hiking booties as they easily bear heavier backpacks filled with over 30 lbs while trekking off-road trails and rugged terrain.

Hiking off the beaten path comes with extra challenges, but taking along a pair of sturdier boots is an easy solution. Not only will they provide more protection against ankle rolls and debris on rough terrain, but their thicker soles also absorb much of the impact so that you can keep going without any unexpected jolts through your feet.

Advantages of Hiking Boots

If you have had a twisted ankle or other foot and ankle injuries in the past, then hiking boots are your best bet. They provide better support when on uneven terrain with rocks and roots strewn about and offer comfort by keeping feet dry in wet trails full of mud and slush – giving hikers additional peace of mind when travelling off-trail through dangerous critters like snakes. 

Fortunately, these shoes come in different designs that range from mid to high cut; modern materials make them lighter weight than ever before while still offering all their protective benefits.

Lightweight Hikers

As advancements in technology and materials continue to make their way onto adventurers’ feet, modern-day boots are reaching new heights – or lows. With lightweight uppers composed mostly of synthetic fabrics with lower ankle heights and thinner walls featuring more mesh than ever for maximum weight reduction, they offer incredible comfort during extended hikes. 

For those craving even lighter shoes without compromising on stability or durability, check out fastpacking style ultralight boots that bridge the gap between a trail running shoe and the midweight category boasting beefier soles plus extra ankle support.

Midweight Hikers

Looking for the ideal boot to help you traverse through rocky terrain and carry heavy gear over long stretches?

 Midweight boots may be just what you need. Featuring higher ankle collars, burly midsoles & shanks, as well as durable uppers – these models are made with premium construction that offers additional stability & support. So if a comfortable yet reliable experience is what you’re after, look no further than mid-weight backpacking boots.

Heavyweight Hikers

Take your adventures to the max with these rugged and dependable boots. Crafted from full-grain leather uppers combined with TPU midsoles that provide superior support, they are designed to handle extreme terrain while keeping feet protected.

 As climbing gear continues its trend towards lighter-weight materials, heavyweight hikers have become less sought after – but when you need an extra layer of protection for trail work or other outdoor tasks, this is your go-to boot. Sturdier than ever yet still lightweight enough to keep up on all sorts of expeditions – don’t let rough conditions stop you in style.

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