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Oboz Hiking Boots are the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for maximum comfort and performance. With a unique combination of technical features, these boots provide exceptional support, traction, and durability on any terrain.

Whether tackling challenging trails or simply enjoying nature, Oboz has the perfect boot to meet your needs. From lightweight trail runners to heavy-duty waterproof models, they offer a range of styles that let you take on the outdoors confidently. Explore the collection and discover why Best Oboz Hiking Boots are widely considered among the highest quality options.

Our Top Picks for Best Oboz Hiking Boots

1. Oboz Bridger Low Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Men

Enjoy your next adventure on any terrain with Oboz hiking shoes – crafted for confidence and performance. The low-cut design keeps feet dry while 4mm deep lugs offer superior grip. But tread carefully as the more aggressive, extended lugs give extra hold when taking on tougher surfaces and uneven ground.

These Oboz Bridger hiking shoes offer the perfect combination of comfort and performance for any outdoor enthusiast. The TPU chassis protects your feet from hard stones on the trail, while their rubber sole is rugged with a unique tread inspired by granite peak mountain ranges. These sneaker-style shoes are built to tackle challenging terrain and look great when you transition into town or city streets.

2. Oboz Bridger Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men

Go ahead and take the plunge into outdoor adventure with Oboz hiking boots. With a higher top than standard low-cut models, they provide extra ankle support on those treacherous trails. Plus, their stylish look comes in multiple color options so you can stand out while staying safe – all while keeping your feet dry no matter how deep that mud puddle gets.

Put on the Bridger Mid BDry for a surprisingly soft experience. Our feet were immediately surrounded in comfort, and no blisters or hotspots could be found. The waterproofing capabilities kept our feet dry even when facing wet terrain, and amazingly enough, managed to keep sweat at bay as well. 

Plus, with an aggressive outsole providing unbeatable grip during hikes up muddy inclines—it’s truly one of the most powerful hikers we’ve ever worn. The Oboz Bridger Mid BDry provides sure-footedness on all terrains with its traction-ensuring Granite Peak outsole – featuring 4mm lugs and studs protruding the sides.

 The thermoplastic polyurethane chassis, together with dual-density EVA midsole, delivers cushioning comfort while a nylon shank ensures superior medial support making your journey across uneven terrain smoother.

An O Fit Footbed offers a multi-density insole complete with a deep heel cup and moisture-wicking capabilities – finished off to perfection by nubuck leather over most of the boot construction.

3. Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated Hiking Boots for Women

Oboz hiking boots provide a reliable, practical choice for winter adventurers. With extra insulation to keep feet warm and dry even in the coldest temperatures, these boots have superior traction on snow-covered surfaces and effective waterproofing thanks to their B-dry system. 

The slightly lower back height of 6″ compared with 7″ at the front make them less than ideal if you’re facing deep snowdrifts and large puddles – but more comfortable when worn.

Winter is coming, and the Oboz Granite Peak Mid Hiker Boot is here to help you confidently take on all its challenges.

 This 7-inch high leather wonder features a lace-to-toe design for optimal lockdown, plus additional hooks which let you customize your ankle fit. The deep lugs of the winterized rubber outsole provide sure footing over icy ground or wet rocks. At the same time, EVA midsoles offer lightweight cushioning bolstered by TPU Chassis technology that prevents fatigue.

 With this supportive winter boot from Oboz, nothing will stand in the way of your outdoor adventures.

With its tough yet tasteful Nubuck upper, Oboz’s Bridger 7″ winter boot is the perfect blend of style and practicality, ready to take on anything that a cold season can throw. BDry waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry while 3M Thinsulate insulation locks in the heat without over-bulking.

 The wool-topped collar adds extra comfort – not to mention an attractive finishing touch. Plus, you needn’t worry about nasty surprises like rocks or roots thanks to this sturdy piece of footwear featuring both a rubber toe cap for protection and molded heel kick which eliminates mudslinging from wet weather conditions so that you may look sharp through every step.

4. Oboz Bridger 8″ Insulated Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men

With Oboz winter hiking boots, you get more than just comfort and warmth; they’ve also got a range of additional features designed to give superior stability and durability. A board last construction adds extra rigidity throughout the sole for better support over tough terrain without compromising on flexibility.

Gaiter D-rings provide an easy way to secure your gaiters against wet weather or snow. And let’s not forget that small but helpful rubber heel kick with its handy ridge – perfect for taking off the boot quickly in any conditions.

5. Oboz Bridger 10″ Insulated Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men

Adventure in comfort and security with Oboz’s winterized hiking boots. The innovative rubber keeps feet warm even on the chilliest days, while 400g insulation ensures you’ll stay toasty.

To top it off, O-fit insoles provide targeted support for enduring trips – no need for bulky gaiters when your legs are already protected from the cold weather. Get ready to make some amazing outdoor excursions this season.

6. Oboz Sawtooth II Low Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Are you an outdoorsy type? The Oboz hiking shoes for men and women are perfect for those who like to traverse challenging trails. With plenty of traction and cushioning, your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how steep the terrain gets.

Whether it’s thru-hiking or backpacking that calls, these robust trail shoes keep up with you every step of the way – even if all they do is take a trip around town shopping. Get ready to experience stellar fit and long-lasting quality in his & her sizes today.

7. Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoes for Men

Oboz Sawtooth II hiking shoes have nubuck leather and abrasion-resistant textile uppers, but with one difference: no waterproofing.

Without the B-DRY membrane, you may be sacrificing breathability for enhanced ventilation – perfect if your hikes take place in hot weather or dry climates where foot comfort is essential.

8. Oboz Sawtooth II Mid-Hiking Boots

Take on your toughest trails with the Oboz Sawtooth II shoes, designed to provide comfort and support for even those long treks.

With an asymmetric collar to hug the contours of your ankle and water-resistant mesh uppers, these boots let you take in heavier backpacks without compromising performance or durability.

Plus, missing out on waterproofing means plenty of breathabilities. All this plus their renowned O-fit insoles so you can keep going further than ever before – perfect for demanding hikes.

9. Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Waterproof 

For brave adventurers who need a reliable hiking boot, skip the Sypes Mid Leather Waterproof. Reports show that this model lacks long-term durability in its top and heel sections. Instead, try the Bridger Mid BDry for an aggressive take on tackling extra muddy or mulchy downhills; if you prefer something more lightweight but just as tough – like stout piggies. 

– then look no further than Oboz’s Sawtooth II Mid BDry range. With these boots, your outdoor explorations will be supported with style and substance. The Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Waterproof has been hailed as a fan favorite for hikers, deemed “comfortable right out of the box” by reviewers and bloggers alike.

 With its superior waterproof nature, impressive stability without bulkiness, and featherweight construction (440 g per kick), this hiking boot from Oboz is perfect for long days on the trails with heavy loads. Even an expert found it performed amazingly well in wet and dry conditions while scrambling safely – making it one to watch among outdoor enthusiasts.

An experienced shoe tester was amazed at the heel-centering design of Oboz’s Sypes Mid Leather Waterproof hiker, a part of their eco-friendly lineup. These shoes boast laces and quick dry liners made from 100% recycled materials – on top of that, one tree gets planted for every purchase. What better way to make your outdoor adventures more sustainable?

10. Oboz Sawtooth Mid BDry

The Sawtooth Mid BDry is the perfect choice for outdoor adventurers looking for a versatile shoe that can easily take on local trails. Its Oboz B-Dry waterproofing technology and moisture-wicking liners will keep feet dry and comfortable regardless of what mother nature throws your way. Discover unfailing performance in any terrain – adventure awaits.

The Oboz Sawtooth Mid BDry is the piece of gear adventurers need to take on rugged terrain. Outfitted with a proprietary, self-cleaning outsole and an EVA midsole for shock absorption and stability, this boot provides superior traction no matter which direction you’re heading. 

The O Fit Insole footbed adds another layer of comfort by wicking away moisture while taking each step in maximum support. With all these innovative features packed into one item – there’s nothing stopping explorers from conquering whatever comes their way.

The Oboz Sawtooth Mid BDry is perfect for outdoor adventures, with its waterproof nubuck leather and scuff-resistant textile keeping the elements out while allowing it to breathe. B-Dry technology ensures you can stay dry from any rain or streams in your path. The 3D molded heel counter provides extra support.

Plus a hardy covering at the forefoot ensures optimal toe protection – vent panels are also incorporated on each side for ultimate breathability. You won’t have to worry about laces slipping as you go; this stylish boot features an adjustable open hook system, so precision lockdown is guaranteed at every step.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Oboz Hiking Boots 

Oboz hiking boots are your perfect ally for outdoor adventures. With their advanced technology and optimized trail response, you can experience a comfortable ride no matter where the journey takes you.

Loving the Outdoors

Every time you purchase Oboz shoes, you don’t just get stylish and functional hiking footwear – but also do your part to help the planet. With a commitment to sustainability extending throughout its supply chain and working practices, reinforcing its pledge of planting one tree after every sale. Your feet will stay comfortable on all your adventures while doing good for Mother Nature.

O Fit Insole

Oboz hiking shoes provide the perfect custom fit with their tailored insoles, crafted to be anatomically correct and offer superior support. If you want extra warmth in colder conditions, Oboz has got you covered, too – add an insulated thermal insole featuring a reflective Mylar bottom sheet. 

You’ll never have cold feet again on your next outdoor adventure. Oboz hiking boots give you the ultimate outdoor experience through their O-fit insole, which molds to your feet for superior comfort and arch support. 

Energy is absorbed with strategically placed pods, keeping fatigued at bay on long treks while a breathable upper layer creates an optimal temperature for maximum freshness. Enjoy each trail, knowing that the correct positioning of your foot reduces problematic friction.

Supportive Midsoles

Granite Peak Midsole delivers for those looking for superior comfort and protection while on the trails. Its single layer of EVA foam cushions against sharp rocks and twisting movements that can be encountered during long hikes or backpacking trips without sacrificing flexibility in challenging terrain.

For a stable trek, the Sawtooth midsole offers the perfect combination of cushioning and support with dual-density EVA foam and an added nylon shank. Together they provide optimal comfort for all your hiking needs.

With the Oboz hiking shoes, you can confidently and stylishly stroll along city streets. However, suppose you’re looking for a more grueling adventure on challenging terrain or endurance treks across mountain ranges. In that case, these are not your best pick, given their lower EVA cushioning than Mountain Town midsole design offers.

Move with confidence in Swiftcurrent. Featuring a women-specific design, this midsole offers supreme cushioning and protection from an EVA cushion layer and TPU chassis on the heel for maximum stability. An ESS (EVA super skin) plate is strategically placed on the forefoot to provide extra comfort tailored specifically to your feet needs.


Oboz hiking shoes provide maximum stability and traction so you can survive whatever your winter hike throws at you. Their unique design combines a durable outsole with a warm, supportive insole made of winterized rubber for extra grip during frigid weather.

Granite Peak Outsole gives you the ultimate grip and protection as you explore every terrain. From long-lasting, durable rubber soles to map molds of your favorite peak on each step, Granite Peak has covered all your outdoor adventures.

Take a journey through Idaho’s landscape with the Sawtooth outsole. This unique design features a flexible rubber map of the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains molded into its tread pattern, offering an adventure for your feet whether you stay on land or take to the sea.

Enjoy the freedom to go wherever your heart desires, exploring a range of terrains and adventures – all with just one shoe. 

Mountain Town outsole gives you this ability by providing low-profile lugs that give great traction on trails while still looking stylish enough for urban sports like skateboarding. So take off into nature or strut down city streets in Oboz’s special hiking boot designed specifically for an urban environment.

The Oboz hiking boot range specifically caters to female wearers, offering a gender-specific Swiftcurrent outsole equipped with lower lugs suitable for navigating urban pathways and offroad trails. 

Embedded on the resilient rubber treading is an intriguing molded map of Glacier Park’s iconic Swiftcurrent mountain – perfect for day hikes in nature but perhaps not intended for extended backpacking excursions.’

B-DRY Waterproofing with Breathability

Forget the days of damp and suffocating boots. Oboz Hiking Boots offer dry comfort with their remarkable waterproofing system. By combining technical fabrics, innovative membranes, and smart design elements, you can count on your feet feeling cool even after a long hike – no more hot sweat or painful blisters to worry about. 

With Oboz footwear, you get unbeatable protection from external moisture AND internal perspiration for reliable freshness every step of the way.

Asymmetrical Collar

Oboz footwear understands the unique shape of your foot, which is why their hiking boots feature a revolutionary asymmetrical collar to provide optimal comfort around the ankle.

Unlike traditional shoe designs that require you to fit into them, these boots are specifically crafted with anatomically-correct features, so they become an extension of your body while conquering rugged terrain.


1. What are the Best Oboz Hiking Boots? 

Answer: The Best Oboz Hiking Boots offer superior comfort, stability, and durability for any outdoor adventure. Their waterproof membranes and sticky soles provide great traction in wet or dry terrain. They also feature superior cushioning with foam midsoles to keep you comfortable on your journey. 

2. How can I find the right size of Best Oboz Hiking Boots? 

Answer: Best Oboz Hiking Boots come in various sizes to fit everyone’s needs and preferences. You can use our handy sizing chart to find the perfect fit by measuring both feet and finding your US shoe size and width size (narrow/regular/wide). 

3. What features do Best Oboz Hiking Boots have? 

Answer: Best Oboz Hiking Boots are designed for superior comfort, stability, and durability with waterproof membranes and sticky soles for great traction in wet or dry terrain. They also feature foam midsoles for cushioning, compression-molded EVA footbeds, and molded rubber toe caps for protection. 

4. Are Best Oboz Hiking Boots good for long Hike?  

Answer: Absolutely. Best Oboz Hiking Boots are designed to provide all-day comfort, stability, and durability on any outdoor adventure. The waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry even in wet conditions, while the sticky sole offers excellent traction in wet or dry terrain. 

5. Are Best Oboz Hiking Boots waterproof? 

Answer: Yes. Best Oboz Hiking Boots feature a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable even when you’re out in wet conditions. This specialized membrane also helps keep out debris, ensuring your feet remain clean and dry throughout the journey. 

6. How do Best Oboz Hiking Boots provide traction? 

Answer: Best Oboz Hiking Boots feature sticky outsoles that provide excellent grip on any terrain and self-cleaning lugs for better mud release so you won’t slip and slide while exploring the outdoors. The outsoles are also designed with multi-directional edges that provide extra grip and stability. 

7. How do Best Oboz Hiking Boots cushion the feet? 

Answer: Best Oboz Hiking Boots feature compression-molded EVA footbeds for superior cushioning and comfort. The cushioned sole also helps reduce shock on rough terrain, so you can enjoy your adventures without worrying about injury or fatigue. 

8. Are Best Oboz Hiking Boots durable?  

Answer: Yes. Best Oboz Hiking Boots are made with high-quality materials and construction to ensure they can withstand even the toughest trails and conditions while still providing maximum protection and support. They also feature molded rubber toe caps for added durability and protection of your feet. 

9. How do Best Oboz Hiking Boots fit? 

Answer: Best Oboz Hiking Boots are designed to provide a snug but comfortable fit. If you need help finding the right size for your feet, our handy sizing chart can help you measure both feet and find the perfect US shoe size and width size (narrow/regular/wide). 

10. Can Best Oboz Hiking Boots be cleaned?  

Answer: Yes. Best Oboz Hiking Boots are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and gentle soap or detergent. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris without damaging the boot’s material or construction for tougher stains. Afterward, air dries away from direct sunlight or heat sources for best results. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re tackling rugged trails or city streets, Oboz hiking shoes and boots are the perfect companions for your next adventure.

Their well-considered designs handle all kinds of terrain and weather with ease while maintaining a stylish look that works both outdoors and in town – making them ideal for looking good as much as feeling good. So if comfort is key on your trek, make sure to check out what Oboz has to offer.

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