How to Dry Hiking Boots? Complete method

How to Dry Hiking Boots? So, After one particularly difficult hike where my soggy, muddy boots caused me to develop painful blisters and wet socks, I was reminded of how important it is to properly dry hiking boots. Ignoring the task once at home resulted in still-damp shoe days later when getting ready for another trek.

Realizing this mistake made it all too clear that drying out your footwear between hikes can save you from more than just discomfort; it could also protect against skin problems like athlete’s foot. Nowadays, I take extra care to ensure my outdoor gear stays optimally prepared before heading back onto the trail – no matter what unforeseen weather lies ahead.

How Do You Dry Wet Hiking Boots?

Make sure to dry your hiking boots thoroughly after a long trekking day with this simple process. Start by pulling out the laces and soles, give them a good cleaning, then tuck some newspaper or kitchen roll inside the boot – letting it soak up all that excess moisture.

 Now comes the time for hanging those wet shoes somewhere air can circulate them, like on an outdoor clothesline or indoor coat rack. Follow these easy steps and watch as you revive your beloved trail companions back into their former glory.

How to Dry Hiking Boots

Start The Process as Soon as Possible After the Hike

All it takes is ensuring the drying process kicks into gear immediately. To ensure this happens quickly, I make an extra effort after every hike – at home or out camping – to give my boots some much-needed air and sunlight, so they’re ready for whatever comes next.

Remove The Laces from The Hiking Boots

Nobody likes wet hiking boots, but by removing and cleaning your laces when they get damp, you can help ensure that both your feet and shoes stay happy.

Removing them allows for more air circulation, so things dry quicker – plus, it’s a great opportunity for some extra TLC. Washing machine or sinks with soap & water? That one’s up to you – don’t forget the crucial step of letting those laces hang out in front of an open window afterward.

Clean Your Hiking Boots Thoroughly

After a long day of exploring the trails, don’t be tempted to skip cleaning your hiking boots – especially if you want them to dry properly.

Scrub any mud and dirt with a stiff brush and clean using an old cloth. Doing this outside is recommended, as getting rid of trail grime indoors can get messy quickly.

Hang Them Up to Dry

If you want to extend your boots’ life, consider following some simple steps for drying them effectively. Hang your dried and prepped boots upside down in a cool environment – try hanging them from hooks on the back porch or garage – as this will promote even air circulation; be sure to keep away from any direct heat sources that could cause damage. With just one night’s hang time, dry footwear will be ready to go again.

Adjust This Process Slightly If You’re Drying Your Boots During a Hike

Even though a multi-day hike requires special attention when drying your boots, keeping them in good condition is possible.

To minimize water damage, remove the laces and insoles for washing—thorough cleaning might not always be achievable while camping out. It can take longer than usual, but resisting using direct heat sources like campfires will prevent the melting of rubber soles due to high temperatures.

When camping, keep your hiking boots away from the fire but angled toward it to aid in drying. And if you’re lucky enough to have some of the methods listed in our next section on hand, an overnight dry might be possible. But don’t worry – even with wet shoes, there’s hope for a comfortable day out: add two pairs of socks and let them absorb any excess water while preventing rubbing against damp fabric.

5 Tips to Speed Up the Hiking Boot Drying Process

Use Newspaper or A Kitchen Roll

Stuff them into those boots and let nature take its course – as these materials are highly absorbent, they’ll draw out excess moisture until there’s none left.

Once the material has reached maximum dampness, throw it away for a fresh set before replacing it in your shoes for air circulation and complete drying. A great way to go from soggy soles to dry days’ outdoors.

Use A Boot Dryer

Investing in a boot dryer is an awesome idea if you’re passionate about trekking trails. After finally taking the plunge and purchasing one, I can confirm it was worth every penny.

This handy gadget ensures your boots always stay in pristine condition by using gentle thermal convection energy to quickly dry without overheating material like leather or synthetics – plus some variations even allow for multiple pairs of shoes at once, so there’s no need to keep buying additional ones if your family are all hiking fanatics too.

Use A Towel

Don’t let your hiking boots become victims of moisture. Please give them the extra care they deserve with an absorbent towel. Grab one large bath towel, tuck some corners into each boot, and wrap it up like a present – this will protect against dampness. Remember to keep that special old rag on hand for such occasions, as you don’t want another precious item ruined by wet shoes.

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