How to make Hunting Boots scent-free?

Are you tired of your hunting boots giving away your presence with their scent? Learning to make hunting boots scent-free can be a game-changer for any hunter aiming to stay stealthy in the wilderness.

Whether you’re pursuing deer, elk, or any other game, minimizing odors from your boots can significantly enhance your chances of a successful hunt.

In this guide, we’ll explore practical and effective methods to eliminate unwanted scents from your hunting boots, allowing you to move undetected through the woods and increase your hunting success.

Benefits of Remaining Scent Free During Your Hunt

Remaining scent-free during a hunt provides several benefits, especially when pursuing animals with a keen sense of smell, like deer, elk, or other game species.

Avoid Detection: 

Animals use their sense of smell to detect predators and danger. Minimizing your scent reduces the likelihood of being seen by your target species, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

Enhance Stealth: 

Scent-free hunting allows you to get closer to your target without drawing their attention to your presence. This is especially important for bow hunters and those who use limited-range firearms, as it increases the chances of a clean, ethical shot.

Improve Hunting Success: 

With less scent, you have a better chance of approaching your target animal, increasing your overall hunting success rate. This is especially important in environments where animals are fearful or under much stress from humans.

Respect for the Animal: 

Respect for the Animal

Hunting ethically entails giving the animal a fair chance while minimizing any unfair advantage on the part of the hunter. Controlling your scent ensures a more equitable hunt and a more humane harvest.

Environmental Awareness:

Being aware of your scent and taking steps to reduce it allows you to become more in tune with your surroundings and the natural environment. This increased awareness can result in a stronger connection with nature and a more rewarding hunting experience.

Personal Safety: 

Reducing human scent improves hunting success and lowers the risk of encounters with other predators or territorial animals that are attracted to human odors.

Hunters frequently use strategies such as showering with scent-free soap, wearing scent-blocking clothing, scent-neutralizing sprays, and storing gear in scent-proof containers to stay scent-free while hunting. Furthermore, hunting with the wind on your side can reduce the likelihood of animals detecting your scent.

Things You Will Need

  • Use Dead Down Wind laundry detergent,
  • A bucket or plastic tub
  • Freshwater
  • A cleaning brush
  • A boot dryer

Washing Your Hunting Boots

First, find a clean, dry area to wash your boots, preferably outside. A concrete driveway or patio will suffice. Remember that washing your shoes inside or in a garage may result in unwanted odor transfer. 

Begin by brushing any large debris off your boots and turning them over to remove any rocks or dirt that may have become trapped inside. Next, thoroughly rinse your shoes. 

Washing Your Hunting Boots

Prepare your bucket or plastic tub by adding Dead Down Wind detergent and filling it with enough water to thoroughly clean your boots. Take each boot and spend time dipping it or your brush into soapy water before scrubbing the various areas of the shoes. Pay extra attention to clearing debris from places like your boots’ tread. 

Once thoroughly scrubbed, the entire boot is rinsed with clean water. You’ll repeat with your other boot before drying them both.

Drying your boots

There are a few quick and easy ways to dry your boots. Having some time before you plan to hunt is beneficial because you’ll want to ensure your shoes are completely dry before heading out into the field with them. 

In the winter, the simplest way to dry your boots is to leave them out in the sun or next to a fireplace or heat vent. 

If you want to speed up the process, use a scrap piece of PVC and a hairdryer! Drill a few holes in the PVC. Please place it in a boot, point the hairdryer down the pipe, and air it out. Use the relaxed setting on a hairdryer because hot settings may cause damage to certain boot materials. 

Alternatively, you could spend a few dollars on a good boot dryer like this one. Having that set-it-and-forget-it peace of mind may be worth your additional investment. 

Need a new boot dryer? Do you see the point in spending money on something you use only occasionally? Check out this article on how to make a homemade boot dryer.

Keeping your hunting boots scent-free between hunts

After you’ve spent all this time cleaning your boots and ensuring they’re scent-free, you’ll want to take some steps to keep them that way. 

 You’ll want to keep your boots somewhere where they won’t pick up any unpleasant odors. Simply leaving is a better solution than in the garage, and other unnatural odors can settle in your boots and be tracked through the woods.

One of the cheapest ways to store your newly de-scented boots is to place them in a plastic bag or bin. This will be a simple barrier to any scents they may be exposed to. 

 If you are more severe about scent control, you can purchase a scent control bag or closet. This Scent-Lok option seals your gear while also producing ozone to destroy any odors that may have remained in your boots after washing them. If the price is too high, there are more affordable options, such as these scent control bags from Auscamotek.


  1. Why is it essential to keep hunting boots scent-free?

Keeping hunting boots scent-free is crucial to avoid detection by animals with a strong sense of smell, enhancing your stealth and increasing hunting success.

  1. What are the benefits of remaining scent-free during a hunt?

Remaining scent-free helps avoid detection by animals, enhances stealth for a cleaner shot, improves hunting success rates, respects the animal, increases environmental awareness, and enhances personal safety.

  1. What are some strategies hunters use to stay scent-free?

Hunters use strategies such as showering with scent-free soap, wearing scent-blocking clothing, scent-neutralizing sprays, and storing gear in scent-proof containers.

  1. How should I wash my hunting boots to make them scent-free?

To clean hunting boots, use Dead Down Wind laundry detergent, a bucket with water, and a cleaning brush, and rinse them thoroughly after scrubbing away debris.

  1. How can I effectively dry my hunting boots?

You can dry your boots by leaving them in the sun, near a fireplace or heat vent, using a homemade boot dryer with a hairdryer and PVC pipe, or investing in a commercial boot dryer.

  1. What steps can I take to keep my hunting boots scent-free between hunts?

To maintain scent-free boots, store them in a plastic bag or bin to prevent odors from accumulating, or consider investing in a scent control bag or closet for more rigorous odor elimination.


Keeping your hunting boots scent-free is critical for any serious hunter looking to maintain stealth and increase their chances of success in the wilderness.

Understanding the benefits of odor reduction and using effective cleaning and storage techniques will allow you to improve your hunting experience while respecting the environment and wildlife. 

Each step is critical to scent control, from washing your boots with scent-neutralizing detergents to properly drying and storing them in between hunts. By incorporating these techniques into your hunting routine, you can improve your stealth abilities and approach game animals more confidently and successfully.

How to make Hunting Boots scent-free? (vedio Guide)

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