How to size Hiking Boots? All in One Guide

Exploring the beauty of nature is an experience like no other, and it all begins with a simple hike on one of many trails. But when embarking outdoors, don’t forget to equip yourself properly. Choosing hiking boots isn’t as easy as selecting any old pair off the shelf; various factors include fitting and features you’ll need for your journey. 

Comfort should be a top priority: You want to remain focused on taking in nature’s splendour without worrying about aches or blisters from ill-fitting shoes – so here’s how to size hiking boots and makes up your most important trail companion.


Finding the perfect fit for a hiking boot is about selecting the right last. A list can be either wooden or plastic and acts as an outline to shape your boots around–basically, it determines how well your shoes hug your feet. Many manufacturers have unique styles of lasts, so you may need to try out different models before finding one that fits just right. 

Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t always feel like enough, so some companies go above and beyond to create customized footwear solutions tailored specifically to each customer – allowing them unrestricted access to nature in total comfort.

How to size Hiking Boots



Planning a hiking adventure? Make sure you always get the perfect fit with specialist retailers and online guides. Their detailed information can help determine your walking boot size, ensuring maximum comfort while exploring off-the-beaten paths. Try on to precise measurements from the store – find out how they simplify shoe shopping.


Trail-ready footwear is more than just your average shoe. To ensure you don’t experience the pain of a squished toe, it’s important to leave about an inch between your toes and the shoe when purchasing hiking boots – anywhere from half size to one full size larger, depending on how snugly you like them. Avoiding any unwanted injuries can help ensure that every outdoor expedition is as enjoyable (and safe) as possible.

Looking for the perfect fit can be tricky when purchasing lightweight, multifunctional footwear. But fear not – we’ve got tips on getting shoes that feel just right.

Our advice? When trying out outdoor boots, go half or even a full size bigger than your normal shoe sizing (with thick socks, of course). This ensures extra space in the toe area and offers greater comfort with every step taken. Find what fits best with our helpful guide below.

Lace-up the Boots and Check the Width

When choosing the right hiking boots, width is as important as length. A snug fit will allow for some stretching while keeping your feet supported and protected – but if they’re too wide or narrow, you’ll be left with sore, blistered feet during your whole trip. To find that perfect balance of a supportive yet comfortable boot size, try lacing them up first before determining whether there’s enough space without anything feeling cramped.

Ensure There is No Heel Lift

To ensure an optimum hike, it is important to lace up your hiking boots the right way. Pay extra attention when lacing them so that they fit snugly around the ankles and leave some wiggle room at the top of your feet – otherwise, you’ll experience painful blisters from heel slippage. A bonus? Make sure there’s a small lift in each boot. That can make all sorts of differences in making those mountain trails easier on tired toes.

Socks matter

Make your next outdoor adventure a walk in the park—literally. With the right combination of hiking boots and quality socks, you can ensure maximum comfort no matter what trail conditions come your way. Hiking socks are designed to be thicker than regular streetwear varieties for improved breathability during those longer treks.

Right Size

When it comes to finding the right hiking boots, size matters. It’s a common mistake: some of us get tempted by the attractive bargain price of shoes that are only half a size too small. But trust me – never go for those smaller sizes; order up instead. 

However, you want them snug (except near your toes). Don’t end up with blisters and skinned feet just because they’re not secure enough when tied tight.

To ensure you have perfectly fitted footwear while conquering nature trails, visit a speciality shoe store where professionals can measure your feet accurately – then find yourself an unbeatable pair of quality hiking boots to conquer any terrain in style and comfort without injury worries.

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