12 Best Hiking Boots for Colorado in 2024

Colorado is the perfect destination for nature lovers. But remember, if your plans include hiking up trails and mountainsides, you’ll need a pair of Best Hiking Boots for Colorado. Anything from sandals or flip-flops can lead to blisters and sore feet during your adventure, which may take away some of that precious enjoyment time in Colorado’s great outdoors. 

Make sure you wear an appropriate shoe when hitting the trail so it won’t slow down any fun activities on vacation – hiking boots are ideal but not essential; remember, comfort comes first.

Our top picks for Best Hiking Boots for Colorado 

1. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof

Take your hikes to the next level with Moab 2 Hiking Boots. Made specifically for folks with high arches, these durable 32-ounce shoes provide superior comfort and support that’ll keep you going all day. The reinforced heel and EVA footbed give unparalleled security, so you don’t have to worry about slipping over rough terrain – plus, they’re 100% waterproof in case of stream crossings. Try them for yourself today and experience hiking like never before.

Step into the Moab 2 boots and experience a classic style that will stay within your budget. Perfect for traditionalists, these shoes have become a go-to favorite thanks to their tight lacing system and reliable durability — all at an unbeatable price tag of less than $150.

2. SCARPA Rush Mid GTX Shoe

Step into unparalleled comfort and traction with the SCARPA Rush Mid GTX. Enjoy modern styling, premier support, and protection, all while feeling transported back in time thanks to traditional details. The cushioning is out-of-this World – literally – as this boot’s concave sole compression technology absorbs energy for increased shock absorption on any terrain. 

Plus, its secondary lugs guarantee superior grip at every step you take – no matter what the trail throws your way. All that quality comes at an unbeatable price: just $199. Unearth adventure today with the breathable, waterproof performance of SCARPA Rush mid-GTX footwear. The Rush Mid GTX boot provides support and mobility for any experience. 

With a supportive mesh upper, welded overlays, soft cushion collar, and GORE-TEX Extended Comfort lining – all of which is lighter than other SCARPA hikers – it’s sure to keep your feet dry while providing an amazingly comfortable feel. Whether you’re speed hiking or trekking with heavy gear overnight, trust these game-changing boots that run slightly small but offer unparalleled versatility – perfect for narrow footers alike.

3. Salomon Quest 4 GORE-TEX

Don’t let yourself get caught out in the wild unprepared. The Salomon Quest 4 hiking boots are essential for any serious backpacking adventure. Lighter than ever, these robust ankle highs provide maximum grip and stability to handle even the most challenging terrain you may encounter on your journey. We tested them ourselves while tackling loose trails through Western Colorado’s alpine desert – they truly stood up to everything we threw at them.

 Comfort comes with a break-in period, so give yourself time before hitting those hardy paths. Get ready: You’re set for success with Salomon Quest 4 Boots ($230). Tackle the most challenging trails in confidence with Quest 4. The outsole features a heavy-duty tread, widely spaced lugs, and tall ankle height designed to help you tackle any terrain — sand, mud, snow, or scree included. 

Their durable GORE-TEX membrane protects against water seepage while hiking through shallow streams. Stiff at first? Not for long – break them into your routine quickly, as these puppies will soon feel like an extension of your feet. No need to fear tricky conditions; get ready for miles upon miles on terrain that throws it all at you with one boot: the Quest 4 from [Brand].

4. La SportivaTrango Tech GTX Boot

Conquer the most challenging trails and summits easily when lacing up in a pair of La SportivaTrango Tech GTX hiking boots. Developed as part of an exclusive collaboration between outdoor apparel giant La Sportiva and legendary climber Steve House–these advanced mountaineering shoes can take your journey to new heights on or off the trail.

 With features such as its “climbing zone” for extra grip on challenging terrain PLUS flexible lacing from toe to top, rest assured that no matter where your passion takes you – these 21.8-ounce wonders will help get you there safely. When you demand top-notch quality, look no further than this premium boot. Featuring a GORE-TEX liner that’s entirely weatherproof and constructed with rugged yet breathable materials, it keeps feet dry even in the wettest of conditions. 

A clever 3D Flex system allows for precise support on rough terrain while its low profile outsole gives unbeatable grip – ensuring an unbeatably comfortable trek every time. So if you’re searching for footwear fit to tackle any unpredictable adventure, this tough-as-nails contender has your back (and foot).

5. KEEN Targhee III Waterproof Mid

The Targhee III is a timeless classic that has been trusted and loved by hikers for its high-performance versatility. Lightweight yet durable, these boots are designed to keep feet dry no matter the conditions with their KEEN.DRY waterproofing membrane technology provides optimal traction and comfort right out of the box – perfect even on rocky terrain or muddy trails.

 Our testers were thrilled when they put them on for an ambitious 12-mile hike – zero blisters? Count us in. Experience the best of both worlds with the Targhee III and Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking boots. With comparable support, weight, and appearance — plus a roomier fit on one side– you’ll find a quality performance that won’t break your budget. Conquer hills, trails, or rugged terrain in comfort thanks to durable construction designed for years of exploration.

6. The North Face VECTIV ExplorisMid FUTURELIGHT

When the trail ahead is exhausting, The North Face’s VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT($169) hiker has you covered. These technical shoes provide an ‘extra push’ with their innovative elliptical shape and a rockered midsole designed to propel your feet forward. A 3D plate wraps up the sides of each boot for superior stability even on rocky trails – making rest stops feel like less work and more play. 

Take strength and confidence to the next level with The North Face VECTIV Exploris. With a rockered sole, protective plate up around the sidewalls of your shoes and in the midsole, plus Y-shaped lugs for available traction – enjoy superior grip even on slick or rocky terrain thanks to those extra hard perimeter lugs. Get ready to hike as you mean it. Conquer treacherous descents with the VECTIV Exploris.

 Its Aggressive Braking Lugs keep you in control on steep hills, while its Anatomically Scored sole gives a fluid, natural feel with each footfall. And don’t worry about wet feet: it’s made of The North Face’s FUTURELIGHT waterproof fabric to create a breathable and lightweight barrier against moisture. Plus, zonal lacing guides lock your laces every time they cross for an adjustable fit that won’t come undone during strenuous hikes.

7. Altra Lone Peak All-Weather Mid

Enjoy hikes longer and faster with the lightweight Lone Peak All-Weather Mid ($180). With its midheight ankle support, you get more stability than a running shoe but without sacrificing comfort. The signature ultrawide toebox gives your feet maximum room for natural footfall to move freely while preventing blisters or hot spots in any weather. 

Plus, keep toes cozy during cooler temperatures by allowing warm air circulation and constant blood flow – perfect outdoor adventures await. Get ready to tackle whatever the elements throw your way with Lone Peak All-Weather Mid. The eVent bootie keeps feet dry, and its true breathability makes it one of our most sweat-resistant water shoes. 

Although not entirely waterproof in submersion, these boots are perfect for taking on shallow creeks or sudden rainstorms during a hike. Plus, their springy insoles provide flexible comfort that mimics how you would naturally walk over varied terrain—it’s like having running shoe performance while out exploring. With their gusseted tongue and full 25mm stack height, these hiking boots are designed to keep out all the everyday trail annoyances like water from puddles, fir needles, sand, and shale. 

Thanks to a lower heel profile than others we tested – you’ll enjoy maximum comfort across long-distance hikes with reduced pressure on your toes. Experienced zero-drop footwear fans should find this an ideal option for outdoor excursions, while first-timers may require some adjustment time due to the arch support & elevated heels they’re used to. Make them your go-to choice this hiking season.

8. HOKA ONE ONESpeedgoat 2 Mid GORE-TEX

Increase your speed and enhance the longevity of your outdoor adventures with HOKA’s Speedgoat 2 Mid ($170). Blending trail runner comfort, ankle support, and a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane to protect you from the elements on any trail – this fast hiking boot weighs just 11.3 ounces per pair. Get maximum versatility while backpacking or other highly active endeavors, never like before. 

With the HOKA Speedgoat 2 Mid, you can access unparalleled ankle support and cushion for a lightweight, flexible design that moves with your feet. A GORE-TEX membrane bootie ensures protection from moisture-laden terrain, while its breathability helps keep your foot feeling cool.

Perfect for varied multi-surface landscapes – like boulder fields or stream crossings – this versatile option has everything an adventurous hiker needs. Our testers were impressed by its comfort after breaking in; try it on all of life’s exciting hikes.

9. SCARPA Maverick Mid GTX

Get ready for your next adventure with SCARPA’s new Maverick Mid GTX. Making a statement as modern and athletic, its lightweight design is perfect for hikers who need agility- whether you’re an old-school or new-school explorer. Throughout any weather condition, this boot offers ultimate protection from the elements thanks to its combination of synthetic leather, polyester, and GORE-TEX layer guarantees waterproofing like never before. 

Just be sure to air out these boots after long days in warmer regions – they’ll serve you well throughout all other temperature conditions. Achieving the perfect balance of flexibility and stability is no small feat, but SCARPA has done it with its latest hikers. The break-in period for these traditionally rugged shoes has been drastically reduced to make them more comfortable right out of the box, while their lug pattern provides enough bite to keep you pushing mile after mile. 

Ready to maximize your outdoor performance? Look no further than SCARPA’s minimalistic yet reliable hiking boots. Our outings were a breeze thanks to the incredible traction from our $199 value-packed SCARPA trekking boots. Whether your adventures are short or long, light or technical – experience confidence and comfort with every step.

10. Vasque Breeze AT Mid GTX

If you’re looking for optimal protection against challenging terrains, look no further. The Vasque Breeze AT Mid GTX ($190) is your go-to boot. With their PU shank and hefty 1 pound 5.5 ounces per boot weight – these bad boys sure pack a punch. But when trekking through rough conditions is unavoidable – make sure you rely on ultimate pliability: try the VasqueBreeez Mid today. 

Vasque’s revolutionary Breeze AT Mid-GTX boots offers unparalleled protection and support – perfect for treks through rugged, cold-weather terrain. Featuring a layered build made of Nubuck leather with mesh hits to prevent overheating, plus GORE-TEX waterproofing – your feet will be protected no matter what nature throws at them. Don’t let the elements stop you from exploring what Mother Nature offers.

11. Crispi Nevada GTX Hunting Boot

The Crispi Nevada GTX is a rugged and dependable explorer’s companion, perfect for long days in the wild. Hunters are enthusiastic about this boot’s rock-solid durability; it can withstand years of heavy use with no loss of waterproofing or sole quality, so you know your investment will last.

Boasting superior ankle bone support structure (ABSS), these boots offer all-day comfort – plus, they come either insulated or uninsulated, depending on whether your feet run cold.

 No matter what terrain you’re traversing into next, make sure to leave home with the reliable performance and trusty protection that only comes from investing in Crispi footwear: starting at just $429 per pair.

12. La SportivaNucleo High 2 GTX Hiking Boots

Ready to explore your World? La Sportiva’s new high-cut Nucleo High 2 GTX offers an unbeatable combination of style, protection, and performance.

This leather boot is waterproof thanks to its GORE-TEX liner, while the micro vent system from the arch down the sole ensures maximum breathability in any condition. With a Vibram rubber rand and toe cap for added durability plus an affordable price tag – you’re ready for anything. 

Featuring a Vibram sole with superior grip and braking traction, the Nucleo High II GTX offers comfort like no other. A rockered shape ensures flexibility in every step, while the well-padded fabric at Achilles gives an extra range of motion for tackling even the most challenging trails.

 Plus, midsole protection from bruising makes this boot perfect for natural footfall – just be aware if you have wide feet, as it may not quite fit your needs. Don’t let the new list of your favorite La Sportiva shoe stop you from snagging a great pair. Choose their Nucleo High in “normal fit” to get that perfect snug feeling, and enjoy.

Do I need Hiking Boots for Colorado?

Make sure you’re all set for your Colorado adventure. In the unique terrain of this Rocky Mountain state, it’s essential to have full hiking boots. With snow and ice possible any month – even July – wetness & slick surfaces will abound. 

And with varied ground conditions from firm soil to loose gravel or rocky trails that’ll require scrambling over larger rocks and boulders, a sturdy pair of quality-made hikers is vital for genuinely exploring what Mother Nature has put before us in beautiful CO.

How to Pick Out A Pair of Colorado Hiking Boots

You need to pick a boot for the Colorado mountains. To make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, it’s imperative to find footwear that fits perfectly. If you need help pinpointing the correct size from an online store, REI is here for you – with easy returns, getting a perfect fit happens without pain or hassle.

Remember, A Good Pair of Hiking Socks

Hikers in Colorado, listen up. You’ll want two layers of socks for the most comfortable ride on those rocky trails. Start with a thin wicking sock made from silk to minimize sweat and blisters; then top it off with an extra-cushy layer of merino wool for maximum warmth and dryness that won’t quit no matter how far your journey takes you. Quality hiking socks come at a cost – but trust us when we say they’re worth every penny.

Trail runners vs. Hiking boots vs.Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals, like Tevas or Chacos, can provide ultimate protection on trails that require multiple river crossings. Don’t worry about constantly taking off and putting back on shoes; waterproof boots won’t suffice here, either. While these may be an ideal solution for many hikers, they could also increase the chances of blisters when not wearing socks.

 Make sure to break them in, so you’re fully prepared and comfortable during your outdoor adventure. Choosing the right hiking gear is essential, with many rugged trails in Colorado. While trail running shoes offer a lightweight benefit for speedy hikers, they often lack crucial ankle support that can make all the difference when navigating tricky mountain terrain with loose soil and rocky pathways.

 For those who want an adventurous hike without sacrificing safety – mid-height boots are likely your best bet. It’s all about finding what works suitably well for you, as every hiker faces challenges on these incredible paths throughout CO.

What to look for in good hiking boots

Make sure the hiking boots you select have all these essential features so your next adventure is more comfortable and enjoyable.


When it comes to your next hike, ensure you have the right equipment. Waterproof hiking boots are a must-have — even if you don’t plan on crossing any streams. With GoreTex technology keeping things dry and comfortable in wet conditions or when walking through dewy bushes, blisters will be something left in the past.


Make your outdoor adventures seamless with lightweight boots. Feel the airy difference as you explore higher altitudes and longer hikes. Trust us, when each mile feels like two, lightness is a lifesaver.

Good fit

At first thought, any shoe may seem comfortable, but if it doesn’t correctly accommodate each part of your foot – toe box and heel – blisters and bloody or bruised toenails could be just around the corner. Choose wisely on this one: secure a fantastic experience with boots explicitly tailored to your feet.

How to make ready boots

Your hiking boots are the essential piece of gear for your adventure. Before you hit the trails, break in those new kicks and get them ready for action. Start by taking some strolls around your house – that way; they’ll become comfortable companions on longer hikes down the road.

 Then try out a 1-2 mile trail – two or three times max – before upping it up with more challenging terrain. But if, after all these strides, blister issues still arise during trekking sessions? It may be time to invest in another pair; I know from experience that’s key when conquering mountainside expeditions.

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