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Whether for a day on the trails or navigating around town, many want to find that perfect balance between fashion and comfort.  Hiking boots can offer great support when exploring outdoors but are not always considered stylish – especially when paired with shorts. 

My team of experts has provided their insight, and combined with my experiences in warmer climates; I’ve got all you need to know about whether you can wear hiking boots with shorts.

Can you wear hiking boots with shorts?

If you’re adventurous and looking to explore the trails this spring or summer, hiking boots are a must.  While some may think their bulky style makes them unfit for everyday wear, having the right kind of lightweight shoes with good breathability can keep your feet from overheating while providing the necessary protection.  So don’t be afraid to take on those paths – ensure you have the proper gear.

Things to keep in mind when wearing hiking boots with shorts

Make the most of your summer outdoors with these top tips for looking and feeling great on hikes.  You can enjoy all that nature offers in comfort and style with a few simple pieces.  Keep cool while trekking around by smartly choosing shorts that pair perfectly with your favorite hiking boots – giving you the confidence to take on any terrain this sunny season.

Things to keep in mind when wearing hiking boots with shorts

The Length and Width of the Shorts You Are Wearing

Beat the heat while looking stylish on your summertime hikes.  Men should choose shorts that hit 2 inches above their knee, with a 7 to 9-inch inseam depending on height.  Opt for pairs with legs tapering slightly as they reach the knees and rest at one’s natural waistline – neither too high nor low.  Considering these points, you’ll pair those hiking boots perfectly this season.

The Height of the Boots

Can you wear hiking boots with shorts?

With so many styles of boots, finding the perfect look for a hike can be tricky.  If you’re wearing shorts and want both optimum ankle stability and kind, skip the tall hiking boot in favor of a shorter one: not only will it keep your feet cool during long treks, but its snug fit also creates an aesthetically-pleasing shape.

The Length of Your Socks

When hitting the trails, your outfit matters – from head to toe.  Keep cool and stylish by wearing short shorts with crew-length socks.  Not only will you remain comfortable as you traverse steep terrain, but you also look perfectly proportioned in those adorable hiking photos.

The Weather in Which You Will Hike

Remember to choose hiking boots and socks that consider the elements when planning for your hike.  For wet conditions, waterproof shoes will help keep water out and secure grip on slippery surfaces. 

The Weather in Which You Will Hike

But in hot months, one should be careful about wearing breathable materials, so feet don’t overheat – opt for lightweight trail runners or a good pair of sandals instead.

The Terrain in Which You Will Hike

When planning a warm-weather hike, it’s important to consider the terrain and decide whether you need protective gear like hiking boots. 

Walking on level surfaces or rocky areas won’t require much extra protection; however, if your trail traverses through thick foliage, harsh brushlands, or bug havens, wearing long pants is an absolute must.

The Style of the Boots

If you’re focusing on style rather than functionality when selecting hiking boots, plenty of options are available to help you create a fashionable look. 

Whether skinny jeans or shorts, these shoes can provide the perfect finishing touch for any summer outing.  Remember that your boot length should match sock height, and choose form-fitting bottoms over baggy ones.

Material and Color

When selecting the perfect pair of boots for trekking, leather and natural colors such as earthy browns or blacks are always a winning combination. 

Timberland is particularly well-known for its sturdy hiking boots in classic tones – so you can look good on your adventures.  It’s best to avoid any bold prints that may seem striking initially but won’t fit with every outfit eventually.

Length of your Shorts

Shorts should stop at the top of your kneecaps for a sharp and sleek look.  They must not go past your knees – this is key in ensuring an outfit looks its best. 

While everyone has their own style choices regarding shorts (longer baggy cargo items are perfectly fine.), research shows that shorter styles greatly impact men’s overall appearance.  To find the right length fit, take measurements along the legs while keeping two inches above the knee as ideal.

Width of your Shorts

Size isn’t everything when choosing the perfect pair of shorts for your summer wardrobe.  A wide leg opening can create an unflattering trapezoid shape and make your legs look small.  Instead, aim for a gentle taper from the waist or hips down to just above the knee – this will allow them to fit snugly without feeling too constricting, like well-fitting pants tailored specifically around you.

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