Danner vs. Irish setter Hunting Boots

The right gear is paramount for a hunting expedition when venturing into the great outdoors. The boots are among the essential components of a hunter’s arsenal, providing comfort, durability, and protection in challenging terrains. In hunting footwear, two prominent contenders stand out: Danner and Irish Setter. 

The debate over “Danner vs Irish Setter Hunting Boots” is an everyday discourse among avid hunters, each brand boasting unique features. 

We are going to discuss distinctive qualities of these boots, aiming to guide hunters in making an informed choice for their next wilderness endeavor.

Irish Setter vs. Danner Boots Comparison

When contemplating Irish Setter or Danner boots, the positive news is that these brands stand as premium work boot options with extensive histories of delivering exceptional quality and reliability. 

Renowned for their durability, Irish Setter and Danner offer a diverse range of robust work boots tailored to various job types and environments, indoors or outdoors. 

In this discussion, let’s compare Irish Setter vs. Danner by closely examining some of their finest and most sought-after boots. 

This exploration aims to provide insights into how each brand’s offerings align with your specific needs and preferences.

Danner vs. Irish setter Hunting Boot

Danner Quarry Boots

1. USA-Made Durability

The Danner Quarry boots boast a robust, enduring design featuring a classic stitch-down style. Engineered for power and durability, these heavy-duty boots are crafted to withstand some of the most challenging work environments. 

Notably, these boots are proudly manufactured in the USA, emphasizing a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. If you’re seeking a sneaker-like experience in your footwear, the Danner Quarry boots may not be your ideal choice. 

2. Balancing Toughness and Comfort

These heavy-duty boots prioritize toughness and quality, adhering to a classic and traditional work-boot design. When deciding on boots, a common dilemma arises between comfort and toughness. 

While the Quarry boots offer a commendable level of comfort compared to other heavy-duty counterparts, their primary focus remains on toughness and durability. 

In environments demanding the utmost resilience from boots, the Danner Quarry stands strong where lighter, more modern options might falter. 

3. Uncompromising Robustness and Precision

These boots maintain robustness, a critical factor for jobs requiring the most challenging footwear. The lace-to-toe design, driving laces down near the toe, exemplifies a commitment to foot control, showcasing the brand’s dedication to quality over weight reduction. 

While other companies may cut costs by reducing lace coverage, Danner maintains the premium durability and build of the Quarry boot. Expect comfort from the Danner Quarry boots but in a different style of sneakers. These are heavy-duty work boots designed for durability. 

A fiberglass shank instead of steel enhances flexibility without sacrificing support. Danner offers two outsoles for the Quarry boot: a wedge sole for smoother surfaces and a traditional 90-degree heel heavy-duty outsole for uneven terrain. 

4. Responsive Design Evolution

The wedge sole, featuring Vibram technology, prioritizes comfort but lacks the lug pattern for challenging landscapes. 

Crucially, Danner’s commitment to customer feedback and product testing shines through. The brand’s commitment to attentive listening and implementing necessary adjustments underscores its dedication to delivering high-quality footwear that adapts to the changing requirements of its users.

The Danner Quarry boot is a notable example of meticulous field testing and responsive design improvements. Through field testing, Danner identified the back heel stitch as a high-wear area attributed to workers kicking off their boots after work. 

5. Continuous Improvement and Universal Fit

A thoughtful redesign was implemented in response, shifting the back stitch to the outside of the heel to mitigate future issues. This illustrates Danner’s commitment to continuous improvement based on real-world feedback. 

The Quarry boot is crafted on what is known as a “610 last,” a foot-shaped mold that influences the body’s shape and fit. Danner 610 Last is considered their most universal, accommodating various foot types and shapes. It is true-to-size, featuring a broad and deep toe box area for increased volume in the forefoot and toe.

 The design incorporates a full-length removable footbed for additional comfort. The Quarry boot is available in plain-toe, safety-toe, and insulated versions, catering to diverse preferences. 

6. GORE-TEX Waterproofing

Equipped with a 100% waterproof GORE-TEX lining, these boots keep feet dry during wet conditions. Employing Goodyear Welt construction, the Quarry boot is re-craftable, ensuring longevity and the option for refurbishment. 

Designed for general heavy-duty outdoor use, the Quarry boot, especially with the wedge sole variant, is versatile enough for indoor jobs requiring a robust footwear option. Its traditional build and classic functionality suit various jobs and trades. 

Despite showcasing signs of wear and tear in used examples, the Quarry boot demonstrates resilience over extended periods of heavy use, attesting to its durability and reliability.

Irish Setter Ashby Boots

1. Optimal Comfort and Functionality

If you work on a factory floor and choose between Irish Setter and Danner boots, the Irish Setter Ashby Boots are a commendable recommendation.

These moc-toe boots feature a wedge sole, making them particularly well-suited for factory environments. Recognizing that not every job demands a heavy-duty boot designed for harsh outdoor conditions, the wedge soles of the Irish Setter Ashby boots prioritize comfort. 

Irish Setter Ashby Boots

2. The Versatility of the Irish Setter

With a smooth surface in mind, these soles lack deep, aggressive lug patterns and are ideal for concrete, plywood, and tile areas. 

The Irish Setter Ashby boots offer a robust and dependable option for those working on a factory floor, combining toughness with comfort. Traditional heavy-duty boots with deep lug patterns might feel cumbersome, especially for those stationed at a machine. 

In such cases, the Irish Setter Ashby boots provide a dependable and tough solution without the added weight. Available in plain-toe and aluminum toe variations, these boots ensure compliance with safety requirements for diverse job settings. 

3. The Sure-Footed Confidence of Irish Setter Ashby Boots

Despite the misconception that wedge soles imply poor grip, the Irish Setter Ashby boots boast slip-resistant features. While unsuitable for rugged outdoor terrain, the larger contact surface area of the wedge sole provides quality grip and traction on smooth indoor surfaces. 

The wedge sole’s advantages include a larger contact area with the ground, contributing to comfortable and consistent walking. Unlike traditional lug outsoles with raised heels and gaps under the arch, the wedge sole provides smooth and even contact with the ground. 

4. Long-lasting Comfort and Durability

This characteristic makes it more comfortable for extended wear on factory floors. The Irish Setter Ashby Boots wedge sole also offers a more even distribution of stress across the foot, reducing irritation and discomfort, especially during prolonged periods of standing. 

These boots are constructed with heat-resistant outsoles, identified as HRO (heat resistant to melting at a minimum of 475º Fahrenheit), and cater to diverse factory floor conditions. 

5. Steadfast Support on Solid Ground

While not intended for rugged terrain or climbing, the Irish Setter Ashby Boots are reliable construction boots for those primarily working on smooth surfaces like plywood or concrete.

Crafted from full-grain, waterproof leather sourced from US-raised steers, these boots offer durability and functionality. In summary, the Irish Setter Ashby Boots, with their wedge soles and thoughtful design, provide a comfortable and dependable option for factory workers.

Why are Danner boots so expensive?

Both aspects signify reduced purchases and carrying load as these boots offer extended wearability. The premium price tag reflects Danner’s commitment to designing and crafting their shoes in the US, avoiding outsourcing to potentially questionable factory-sweatshop setups. It’s a realization that the actual cost of fashion, whether inexpensive or not, is always present.


  1. What makes Danner Quarry boots unique among heavy-duty work boots?

Danner Quarry boots stand out for their USA-made durability, lace-to-toe design, and responsive design evolution based on user feedback.

  1. How does Danner balance toughness and comfort in Quarry boots?

Quarry boots prioritize toughness while offering a commendable level of comfort, addressing the common trade-off in heavy-duty footwear.

  1. How does Danner show responsiveness to user feedback in Quarry Boots?

Danner Quarry boots undergo responsive design improvements, such as a redesigned back heel stitch, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.

  1. What is the significance of Danner’s 610 Last in Quarry boot design?

The Quarry boot is crafted on Danner’s most universal last, the “610 last,” ensuring a comfortable fit with a broad and deep toe box area.

  1. What waterproofing technology do Danner Quarry boots use?

Danner Quarry boots feature a 100% waterproof GORE-TEX lining, enhancing functionality in wet conditions with Goodyear Welt construction for re-craftability.

  1. Why are Danner boots relatively expensive?

The premium price reflects Danner’s commitment to USA-made craftsmanship, avoiding outsourcing to ensure quality, extended wearability, and reduced environmental impact.

Parting Thoughts

Danner Quarry and Irish Setter Ashby offer premium hunting boots catering to distinct needs. Danner emphasizes toughness with comfort, responsive design, and versatile features like the 610 Last and GORE-TEX.

Irish Setter Ashby prioritizes comfort in factory environments, providing slip-resistant wedge soles. Both brands ensure exceptional quality, offering diverse options for outdoor enthusiasts based on their preferences and activities.

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