What Shoe Glue to use on Hunting Boots?

Navigating the rugged terrain of hunting grounds demands reliable gear, and your boots are no exception. Whether stalking prey through thick brush or traversing rocky landscapes, ensuring your hunting boots stay intact is crucial for a successful outing.

One common issue hunters face is the need for effective shoe glue to mend any wear and tear. But with many options available, it can be daunting to determine what shoe glue to use on hunting boots.

This guide will simplify the selection process, providing insights into the best adhesive solutions to keep your hunting boots in top condition for your next adventure.

What is the Best Hiking Boot Repair Glue?

Walking boots are possibly a hiker’s most prized possession, and they are not inexpensive. Fit and comfort, more than price, are the most critical factors.

After hundreds of miles of walking, your boots stretch and contour to the shape of your feet, becoming more comfortable as you age. The problem is that materials degrade naturally over time and with use. When your footwear shows signs of wear and tear, the best glue for hiking boots can fix almost anything.

If you’re looking for the best glue for repairing hiking boots, you must have a pair worth saving. Good, comfortable boots don’t grow on trees; for some people, finding the right fit is worth the effort. 

Best Hiking Boot Repair Glue

When your favorite pair of walking boots needs to be repaired, but you can’t bear throwing them away, your options are limited. You can do:

Replace them with the same pair if they are still available, or select new hiking boots that better meet your current needs.

You can have them repaired by a cobbler, risking compromising the waterproof membrane (as I did once), or send them to a manufacturer-approved specialist repair shop and pay the price.

Alternatively, you can fix them yourself with some hiking boot glue.

Top 5 Best Glues For Hiking Boot

1. Barge All-Purpose TF Cement

The Barge All-Purpose TF Cement is available in a convenient 2 oz tube for single repairs or a 1-gallon tin for multiple and extensive maintenance. 

This is the best glue for hiking boot sole repairs of any on this list because the large tin is more than enough not to be precious. 

It will adhere to all leathers and rubbers, is heat resistant, freezeproof, completely waterproof, and suitable for use on your favorite hiking boot repair. Unlike most other sole repair glues, Barge All-Purpose takes 10 – 15 minutes to set up but should be left for a few hours in most cases.

2. E6000 Adhesive With Precision Tip

E6000 Adhesive is a well-known and reputable brand in the glue industry, with a wide range of products available on its website for various applications. We discovered that the best E6000 Adhesive for boot repairs is the precision tip version, which is easier to apply and less messy.

The industrial-strength formula is flexible, vibration-proof, waterproof, and has a precise setting to help your old boots last as long as possible. Unlike superglues, the E6000 Adhesive takes 24 hours to cure correctly and does not reach full strength until 72 hours. 

Allowing three days for the bond to become completely secure may necessitate using pressure (a phone book or sandbag) or clamps to achieve a tight seal. While this isn’t a quick boot repair, the permanent bond is worth the wait.

3. Shoe Goo Repair

Shoe Goo is a super-thick glue that sets like rubber and forms a permanent bond for all shoe repairs. It can be used to repair worn-out heels, split leather, separating soles, or damaged stitching, and it is a glue that works with all hiking boot materials. 

Shoe Goo can be applied with your finger because it takes up to three days to reach maximum bonding strength. This allows you to work the adhesive into tight spaces and use multiple layers if necessary.

4. Gear Aid Aquaseal FD+

The Gear Aid Aquaseal FD+ is ideal for all hiking boot glue repairs and can be used on other outdoor gear. The material is a thermoset urethane adhesive that dries clear in 8-12 hours and is waterproof.

Once fully cured, it becomes utterly flexible without losing its bond, making it ideal for outdoor gear subjected to heavy, repetitive use. 

It works well on thick rubber soles and leather but is also suitable for neoprene due to its stretchiness. It is fully waterproof and compatible with gore-tex fabrics to restore watertightness to old boots.

5. Gorilla Super Glue Gel

The Gorilla Super Glue Gel is a quick-drying adhesive used on various surfaces, including leather, rubber, and fabrics. Superglue is ideal for minor or intricate repairs because the fine-tipped nozzle allows for precise application, and because it dries quickly, you don’t need clamps or weights. 

The small bottle makes it ideal for packing in your backpack to fix recurring boot problems while hiking or when you set up camp for the night if you’re walking long distances.

The no-run formula works equally well on vertical and horizontal surfaces, including rubber particles, to improve impact resistance and strength. Gorilla Super Glue Gel is thicker than regular superglue, making it easier to control during application while still setting with a skinny layer in just 10 – 45 seconds. 

The anti-clog cap with a metal pin on this branded glue makes it easy to reuse the next time. Designed for quick and long-lasting repairs, this glue works best for stitching and fabric or when you need the best hiking boot glue on the go.


  1. What are the key features when selecting shoe glue for hunting boots?

When choosing shoe glue for hunting boots, look for features like waterproofness, flexibility, durability, and compatibility with materials like leather and rubber.

  1. How long does it take for shoe glue to set on hunting boots?

The setting time varies depending on the type of glue used. Some glues may take as little as 10-15 minutes, while others may require up to 24 hours to properly cure.

  1. Can I use regular superglue to repair hunting boots?

While regular superglue may work for minor repairs, it’s recommended to use specialized shoe glue designed for outdoor gear, as it offers better durability and flexibility.

  1. What is the best glue for repairing separated soles on hunting boots?

Barge All-Purpose TF Cement is highly recommended for repairing separated soles on hunting boots due to its strong adhesion and durability.

  1. How do I apply shoe glue to hunting boots effectively?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying the glue. Apply a thin, even layer of glue and use clamps or weights if necessary for a secure bond.

  1. Can shoe glue repair waterproof membranes on hunting boots?

It’s recommended to avoid applying shoe glue directly to waterproof membranes, as it may compromise their effectiveness. Instead, focus on repairing the outer layers of the boots to maintain their waterproof properties.


Ensuring the durability of your hunting boots is essential for navigating the challenging terrains of hunting grounds. 

With various options available, selecting the suitable shoe glue can seem overwhelming. However, with the top adhesive solutions outlined in this guide, you can confidently mend any wear and tear on your hunting boots. 

From the reliable Barge All-Purpose TF Cement to the flexible E6000 Adhesive and the versatile Shoe Goo Repair, there’s a solution for every repair need. 

Additionally, the Gear Aid Aquaseal FD+ offers a waterproof option, while the Gorilla Super Glue Gel provides quick and precise repairs. By choosing the appropriate glue for your hunting boots, you can ensure they stay in top condition, ready for your next outdoor adventure.

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