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Having a pair of reliable and supportive shoes can make all the difference on your next outdoor adventure. High-arched feet require extra cushioning, arch support, and stability that not all hiking boots offer. 

To help you find the perfect fit, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the Best Hiking Boots for High Arches. Read on to learn more about what makes these boots a great choice for hiking with high arches, which are highly recommended by hikers everywhere. 

With the right pair of shoes, you’ll be able to tackle any terrain and reach new heights with ease and comfort. Let’shere. You’ll also find tips on finding the right size and fit and essential features to look out for when shopping around.

Our Top Picks for Best Hiking Boots for High Arches

1. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX is the ideal boot for those who like to move fast on their hikes. Constructed with lightweight synthetic materials and iconic contrasting bars, these low-profile boots will give you all the stability you need while keeping your feet comfortable.

 The breathable mesh ensures a steady flow of air which helps maintain freshness throughout your hike, and overlays provide extra durability should any tough terrain arise. The waterproof Gore-Tex lining paired with an EVA midsole provides cushioning and protection from anything mother nature throws at them – perfect for tackling lighter day treks.

Equip yourself with the ultimate in trail-ready footwear. These shoes offer unbeatable traction, thanks to their deep directional lugs and gnarly heels that ‘bite’ into any terrain. Not only is the tread aggressive – but it’s also made of a superior continental rubber compound for superb grip on wet or dry ground.

2. Asolo Men’s Fugitive GTX

The Asolo Fugitive GTX is the perfect combination of lightweight comfort and protection for any backpacking adventure. With its full Gore-Tex membrane, this rugged yet comfortable boot can handle up to 30 lbs and keep your feet dry. The fabric panels add extra durability, keeping you in action on moderate trails even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Take your hike to the next level with Asolo’s Fugitive GTX hiking boots. The Duo Asoflex anti-torsion shank keeps roots and rocks from hurting underneath, while a polyurethane midsole cushions even the longest treks. Its top layer of insole offers shock absorption throughout each step you take. 

Plus, Synchro Rubber outsole – an exclusive feature by Asolo – provides effective stability for navigating descents with its bi-density rubber design and Asobrake heel grip technology. And that’s not all: get comfortable quickly, thanks to its speed lacing system at the ankle, perfect for adjustable fits no matter what foot you have.

3. Vasque Talus UltraDry

The Vasque Talus UltraDry is the ideal day hiker’s dream come true. With a leather upper and mesh design, this boot combines style with functionality. Not only does it provide enough support for light backpacking without being too heavy to move around comfortably, but its waterproof protection keeps you dry while trekking through any terrain or weather conditions. And if that weren’t enough? 

The traditional look gives all the classic vibes one can hope for out on an adventure — minus the added weight.

This outdoor shoe features durable overlays and seven eyelets, with a metal top for cinching down. Comfort comes from the dual-density EVA footbed and cushioning provided by its molded polyurethane midsole – plus Vibram outsole lugs to ensure support during lengthy treks. A removable sock liner allows you to customize your fit further with extra insoles.

4. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Say hello to the Lowa Renegade – a boot designed with adventurous hikers in mind. For multi-day trips and day hikes, this footwear offers vital support for heavyweight backpacks while giving your feet enough cushioning, so they don’t feel stiff right out of the box. 

The Gore-Tex outer ensures that no matter how daunting Mother Nature gets on your journey, you’ll stay protected from water infiltration. Rest assured, too, that despite its leather nubuck upper and overlays providing extra durability, it still won’t take forever to ease into them, as there’s minimal break-in time required before hitting the trails.

Say hello to the Lowa Renegade – a boot designed with adventurous hikers in mind. For multi-day trips and day hikes, this footwear offers vital support for heavyweight backpacks while giving your feet enough cushioning, so they don’t feel stiff right out of the box. The Gore-Tex outer ensures that no matter how daunting Mother Nature gets on your journey, you’ll stay protected from water infiltration. 

Rest assured, too, that despite its leather nubuck upper and overlays providing extra durability, it still won’t take forever to ease into them, as there’s minimal break-in time required before hitting the trails.

5. Salomon Quest 4 GTX

Salomon’s expert craftsmanship is displayed with their new hiking boot—a lightweight and weatherproof marvel of supportive design. Its nubuck leather and fabric upper promises top-tier abrasion resistance, while a Gore-Tex performance comfort sock ensures your feet stay dry all day long. 

An added gusseted tongue and a stretch fabric cuff keep debris from creeping in, while self-locking eyelets ensure that laces remain firmly tied even during the toughest terrains. And as if that wasn’t enough, an included heel strap makes slipping these boots off at the end of your hike easier.

Salomon’s hiking boot is designed for ultimate comfort, stability, and control. Its 4D advanced chassis helps to provide the necessary support while you backpack in style, with a lightweight construction that won’t hold you back. And whether it be rocks or roots along your journey – fear not. The Contagrip outsole gives superior traction, and rubber toe/heel caps protect from any obstacle nature offers.

6. Oboz Women’s Juniper Mid B-Dry

Ready to take on any terrain, Oboz Juniper shoes are constructed for the outdoors adventurer with a style that won’t go unnoticed. The tread is designed after Swiftcurrent Mountain from Glacier National Park and provides unbeatable grip no matter where your feet may lead – trails or city streets alike. 

Comfortably supporting you all day long, thanks to cushioning EVA midsole technology and rugged TPU support construction built in – your new travel companions will keep up whatever pace life throws them.

Whether you’re exploring the city or hitting the trails, Oboz’s Junipers are an ideal companion. They come equipped with O FIT insoles that provide superior arch support and heel cups to keep your feet snug while allowing breathability through the perforated foam.

 Designed specifically with female travelers in mind, these boots won’t have you breaking them in either – they fit perfectly right out of the box. Get ready for a day full of adventure without missing a beat, thanks to these incredible shoes from Oboz.

Boasting a low profile and lightweight construction, these shoes are packed with features for all-day comfort. The nubuck leather uppers and glove leather liners protect high-wear areas while cushioning the ankle bones to ensure your feet stay dry as you take on rocky trails and long office hours.

With superior waterproof lining technology that allows tight lacing without inhibiting motion, these shoes will help make any adventure more confident.

7. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

The Newton Ridge Plus II are the perfect boots for beginner hikers, offering dependable quality and comfort without breaking your budget. Out of the box, they may look stiff, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that these entry-level leathers soften up quickly, so there’s no need to wait before embarking on shorter hikes or just wearing them around town. 

Longer treks require a more breathable shoe; luckily, this sturdy construction can withstand any adventures along the way. With Columbia Newton Ridge Boots, you can be confident to tackle wet and wild terrain – their waterproof construction guarantees your feet will stay dry. 

The high-quality leather upper is comfortable and long-lasting; despite harsh weather conditions and plenty of use, these trusty boots won’t show signs of wear or tear. Ideal for weekend hikes in any climate at an affordable price point, summertime strolls just got a lot more stylish with this powerhouse pair by your side.

If you’re an entry-level hiker or planning on taking short trails, then the affordability of these boots is tough to beat. Equipped with a waterproof leather upper and ankle height, they are perfect for well-maintained paths – even providing good traction from their Omni-Grip rubber sole. However, if your hikes take you off the trail or require more technical scrambling, it would be best to invest in proper hiking boots.

8. Hoka One One Anacapa Mid GTX

The Anacapa hiking boot will give you the ultimate protection and comfort outdoors. Crafted with quality nubuck leather backed by a Gore-Tex membrane for full waterproofing, these lightweight boots come in low or mid-profile options with an extended heel geometry for smooth transitions around uneven terrain. 

The Vibram Megagrip outsole offers superior traction, and the luxurious EVA cushion ride makes it ideal even during long hikes along difficult trails. Its eye-catching sole is Hoka’s highest volume – providing unbeatable comfort.

Boasting recycled polyester in its collar, mesh laces and pull tab, and a 50% soybean oil-based sock liner to cradle the Achilles’ heel, the Anacapa is made for adventure.

It’s protected by Gore-Tex fabric with recycled textiles and PFC Free water repellent treatment, so it’ll keep you dry no matter where your journey takes you – from day hikes to multi-day treks. Offering men’s and women’s styles alike, this shoe will go any distance with you.

9. Oboz Bozeman Mid

The Bozeman offers a unique blend of toughness and fashion, featuring a hybrid construction composed of durable nubuck leather and breathable mesh for an abrasion-resistant design that is cool on hot hikes. A waterproof membrane keeps feet dry in wet conditions, while the gender-specific last gives all hikers a secure back from heel to toe so they can confidently explore trails.

Oboz’s high-performance insoles are designed to provide an ultra-plush experience with arch support, TPU heel cups for shock absorption, and dual-density EVA midsoles. Even better, the low-profile lugs on the outsole deliver unbeatable traction while allowing you to walk easily on improved or paved surfaces.

Plus, they contain recycled materials and BLOOM algae technology – a sustainable innovation that reduces plastic use in favor of natural resources.

10. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX

The Salomon X Ultra Mid 4 GTX offers the perfect support, waterproof protection, and lightweight responsiveness desired by outdoor enthusiasts.

Weighing under 2 pounds per pair, it provides a much-welcomed weight-saving alternative to traditional hiking boots while maintaining durability with its synthetic upper overlays that increase both stability and breathability – no need for an extensive break-in period either.

Explore the outdoors in comfort and protection with Salomon X Ultra Mid 4 GTX boot. This lightweight all-terrain boot is designed to keep your feet dry, supported, and protected from rough terrain; a gusseted tongue helps guard against debris, while Gore-Tex lining protects you from moisture. 

An advanced chassis provides structural support for every step without compromising on fit or cushioning – an injected EVA midsole combined with an OrthoLite sock liner ensures your footbed stays comfortable. 

Aggressive lugs grip any surface, giving added traction no matter which trail you’re taking, and rubber front caps shielding toes as they come into contact with rocks offering extra durability.

Hikers and fast packers alike can enjoy this supportive piece of outdoor gear built for those who don’t sacrifice performance even when counting ounces has never been easier.

What does it mean to have high arches?

Those who struggle with high arches understand the challenge of finding footwear that fits correctly and supports their feet for a comfortable experience.

According to Dr. Miguel Cunha from Gotham Footcare in New York City, someone with high arches has less surface area touching the ground as they walk or run due to an arch higher than typical—which entices fatigue and soreness in your feet within no time at all. 

High-arched feet are something we’re born with; it’s genetic, so there is nothing you can change about it other than proper shoe selection and maybe some extra cushioning if needed.

It’s a common scenario – you’ve been on your feet all day, and you are exhausted by the end. 

But if foot pain is becoming increasingly regular, then Dr. Marion Yau from London has some advice: investing in supportive shoes could be key to solving chronic discomfort.

 Symptoms such as arch stiffness or inflexibility, ankle pains, or tightness around the Achilles tendon may indicate that customized footwear would reduce these issues significantly; before taking matters into your own hands, however – remember that seeking consultation with a podiatrist can help identify more exact causes of the problem at hand.

How to find a supportive walking shoe for high arches

When shopping for a proper walking shoe, Dr. Cunha recommends looking for features like rigid shanks to provide stability and padding around the ankle area and enough toe space to move your feet comfortably. 

A cushioned footbed is also essential to avoid arch collapse – custom orthotics might be ideal, but they don’t always fit into everyone’s budget or health care plan.

Have sore feet been cramping your style? Invest in Profoot Triad Orthotics insoles, recommended by podiatrists to help realign and position the foot and ankle. Combine with shock-absorbing walking shoes for an unbeatable combination designed to provide maximum comfort on any journey.

How to choose hiking boots for high arches

For many of us, high arches are an unfortunate part of our everyday lives. But the wrong pair of shoes can lead to plenty of pain and discomfort that makes even taking a simple walk unbearable. That’s why when it comes time for you to buy your next pair of hiking boots – if you have high arches – there’s more than just comfort at stake – be sure to look into certain factors first.’


People with high arches sometimes have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes. It’s important to look for additional padding when shopping and arch support if you’re buying online. Salomon Quest 4 GTX or Hoka One One are great choices if nothing else works.

Stability and grip

When it comes to hiking boots, stability, and grip are key. Make sure you select a pair that offers support on wet or dry terrain – especially if you have weak ankles. Don’t take any risks when exploring the great outdoors; make sure your feet stay safe and secure with every step of your journey.


Don’t let Mother Nature rain on your parade – find the perfect hiking boots that protect you from wet weather while still having excellent breathability, preventing any chance of irritation or swelling. With the right combination, it’s possible to enjoy long treks and keep comfortable.


1. What are the Best Hiking Boots for High Arches? 

Answer: The best hiking boots for high arches provide arch support and cushioning to prevent foot pain while walking on rugged terrain. These boots typically feature more rigid midsoles to provide stability, deep lugs for improved traction, waterproof membranes to keep your feet dry and cushioning systems designed specifically for those with higher arches.

2. How Do I Know if My Feet Have High Arches? 

Answer: One way to determine if you have high arches is by wetting the bottom of your foot and standing on a piece of paper or cardboard. If your footprint shows a distinct space between the ball and the heel of your foot, you will likely have high arches.

3. What Special Features Should I Look for in the Best Hiking Boots for High Arches? 

Answer: Look for boots with more rigid midsoles to provide stability, deep lugs for improved traction, waterproof membranes to keep your feet dry, and cushioning systems designed specifically for those with higher arches. Additionally, look for arch support technology and ergonomic designs that contour to the natural shape of your foot.

4. How Should Best Hiking Boots Fit If I Have High Arches? 

Answer: Best hiking boots for high arches should fit snugly around the midfoot but be loose enough in the toe box to avoid creating pressure points. You should be able to wiggle your toes freely and have enough room for extra socks or footbeds.

5. What Are the Best Insoles for Hiking Boots with High Arches? 

Answer: The best insoles for hiking boots with high arches provide additional support and cushioning to minimize pressure on the arch and reduce fatigue during long hikes. Look for insoles specifically designed for those with higher arches and cushioning foam and shock-absorbing materials like gel for extra comfort.

6. How Can I Care for the Best Hiking Boots with High Arches? 

Answer: To keep your hiking boots in top condition, clean them regularly after each hike using a soft brush and warm water. Air dry them away from direct sunlight and heat and then treat them using a waterproofing agent like beeswax to keep the leather or fabric in good condition.

7. What Are the Best Hiking Socks for Best Hiking Boots with High Arches? 

Answer: The best hiking socks for high arches provide additional cushioning and arch support to reduce fatigue while walking on rough terrain. Look for materials such as merino wool, naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, and extra cushioning around the foot’s pressure points. 

8. How Often Should I Replace the Best Hiking Boots with High Arches? 

Answer: Best hiking boots with high arches should be replaced at least every 500-700 miles or when the sole feels noticeably worn down. This is because, over time, the cushioning and arch support will lose effectiveness and create a greater chance of injury or discomfort.

9. Are Best Hiking Boots with High Arches Good for Flat Feet? 

Answer: Best hiking boots with high arches are not necessarily the best choice for flat feet, as these boots are designed to provide arch support specifically for those with higher arches. If you have flat feet, look for boots that provide extra cushioning and stability to reduce discomfort while walking on rugged terrain. 

10. What Should I Look for in the Best Hiking Boots For Women With High Arches? 

Answer: Best hiking boots for women with high arches should be lightweight yet supportive enough to handle uneven terrain without causing strain or fatigue. Additionally, look for a cushioning system designed specifically to contour to the female foot shape.


Finding the right pair of hiking boots can be intimidating when taking on an exciting outdoor journey. You’ll want to ensure your footwear provides ample comfort and support while tackling tough terrain. 

Doing a little extra research into lightweight yet waterproof options – divided into three categories: lightweight for day hikes or fastpacking; midweight models appropriate for most backpacks trips; heavyweights ideal for rougher conditions or when packing heavier items – will help ensure you have the perfect match that optimizes performance during your adventure.a

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