How to Waterproof Hiking Boots? step by step guide

As winter approaches, hikers must gear up for icy cold and wet conditions. They may be trudging through snow or heavy rain throughout their hike – making waterproof boots essential! Not only will this prevent a soggy adventure, but it can also increase the lifespan of your favourite hiking shoes. So take control of those icy trails by taking extra steps to How to Waterproof Hiking Boots?

Your waterproof hiking boots are essential to your winter wardrobe, so why not give them the occasional TLC to keep their H2O-rappelling abilities in top shape?

When water stops beading on their surface, and they start wetting out, it’s time for a re-proofing. But don’t forget that even with the best maintenance routines, nothing can prevent deep snow or river crossings from seeping through – so you should also equip yourself with some strategic gaiters!

How to Waterproof Hiking Boots?

Scrub your boots

While swishing through wet grass can help to clean your shoes, you may need extra effort. The Hymax Mudsweeper or even an old toothbrush is ideal for removing dirt and mud from hiking footwear – no matter if it’s waterproof! To get the best result, take out those laces before beginning so you can reach deep into the billowy tongue area.

Rinse your boots

After a day of muddy trails, treat your hardworking trail running shoes to a refreshing cold shower from the tap. This will rinse away any unwanted mud and give them a clean start for better days ahead!

Clean your boots

Keep your hiking boots looking fresh with specialist cleaning products like Granger’s and Nikwax – specifically designed to shift stubborn dirt, stains, and more.

Regularly using these agents will help maintain the water repellency on fabric boots so you can enjoy those beautiful mountain hikes in dry comfort! Cleaning should only be necessary for every few washes; a simple rinse using a sponge or cloth is all it takes when needed.

Re-proof your boots

Refresh your hiking boots and make them ready for any terrain! Waxes or waterproofing agents will restore their water repellency to keep you comfortable – no matter the weather. For smooth leather, try Grangers Waterproofing Wax or G-Wax; rub a thin layer into clean, dry boots with clean cloths until you get the desired finish – then buff it up for an even smarter look.

 If your boot is made of nubuck, suede, or synthetic fabric, consider using products like Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof or oorGrangers Footwear Repel Plus on wet shoes before heading out again.

Leather boots are a stylish and hardwearing addition to any wardrobe, but they need care. Give them the love they deserve with Grangers or Nikwax Conditioner for Leather – not only will this keep your leather supple and water-resistant and prevent those dreaded cracks! Massage conditioner into boot seams and their surfaces – ensure you dab away excess moisture afterwards so everything dries naturally.

Choosing a Boot Waterproofing Treatment

Consider the type of leather you have before purchasing a waterproofing treatment – full-grain, suede, and nubuck require different processes. Wax treatments may not be your best option if resole plans are on the horizon since wax residue can interfere with bonding to new soles. Existing Gore-Tex or other breathable membranes won’t need treating; clean their fabric components!

Can You Waterproof Shoes and Boots with WD40?

Looking for an easy way to waterproof your shoes or boots? Look no further than WD40! This multi-purpose product can help seal out moisture on leather surfaces, providing a protective barrier against wet weather. then wait at least 30 minutes before donning them again, so they’re ready to take on that rainy day ahead!

How to Waterproof Hiking Boots?

From waterproofing your shoes to preventing squeaky hinges, WD40 can be a handy tool. However, don’t forget that its effects are not permanent! The product needs to reapply every few months – plus, it may also darken the leather of certain materials, so make sure you spot-test before using it on larger surfaces.

Choose the correct waterproofing product for your hiking boots

If you’re planning a hike and want to be sure your boots are waterproofed, the first step is finding out what material they’re made of. Are they full-grain leather, nubuck or suede with fabric accents? 

Depending on their composition, different products will provide maximum protection against wet conditions – wax treatments for regular leather footwear, while sprays and cremes work best for other materials. Check the manufacturer’s website to identify exactly what type of boot you have so that when it comes time to waterproof them, you can do so like an expert!

Final Thoughts

Protect your boots from the elements and make them last with our simple waterproofing steps. Northwest Outlet has got you covered when it’s time for an upgrade!

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