Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for Hot Weather In 2024

Finding the right hiking boots for hot weather can be a challenge. With ever-changing temperatures and terrain, you want to ensure that your feet are comfortable and well-protected without sacrificing breathability.

We created this guide to help you find the Best Hiking Boots for Hot Weather. We’ll take you through all the features to consider when selecting a pair of hiking boots, important qualities to look out for, and our favorite picks from top brands so that you can confidently hit the trails. 

Whether you’re looking for lightweight hikers or heavy-duty trailblazers, our guide has something for everyone. So get ready to enjoy hours of summer fun in comfort!

Our Top Picks for Best Hiking Boots for Hot Weather

1. KEEN Women’s Sport Sandal

Get ready for some extreme summer adventure with the KEEN hiking sandal! With straps made from 100% polyester, a hydrophobic lining to help your feet dry quickly, and an easy bungee lace system that’s sure to keep you secure; plus rubber outsoles offering excellent traction and EVA midsoles providing arch support – these shoes are packed full of features.

 And when it comes time to clean up afterward, throw them in the washing machine – they’re as breathable as can be, so don’t worry about sweaty hikes or wet puddles standing between you and nature this season. I was lucky enough to be given a pair of shoes two years ago, and ever since then, they’ve been my trusty companions – through thick and thin. 

When I decided that a black pair would come in handy, I ordered the same size without hesitation; thankfully, it fit like an old glove! These shoes are waterproof and incredibly durable – you can even throw them into your washing machine without worries. Even when arthritis slowed me down as I reached 72 years old, these amazing kicks kept up with every step.

2. Clorts Hiker Waterproof Backpacking Shoe

Move through nature’s wild and unpredictable terrain with confidence thanks to this pair of waterproof hiking boots. With a mid-height design for support, an EVA midsole for comfort, sturdy suede uppers with mesh panels allowing breathability (perfect even in the summer!), plus rubber outsoles that grip tightly – these chunky style shoes are ideal adventurers!

 One hiker put them to the test when exploring a lava cave: slippery ice at the entrance and wet walls inside; they rose to the challenge providing sure footing at every step. No one else had better luck navigating deep snow or hot spring areas than those who chose well and slipped on their trusty kicks!

3. Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX W

Discover new trails with confidence in these durable, dependable hiking boots. A mid-height design offers plenty of ankle support, and a combination of rubber sole chevron lugs provides excellent traction on any terrain you encounter! Completely breathable yet waterproof due to the pro-GORE-TEX membrane, an EVA foam midsole further supports your feet for comfortable cushioning as you explore unpredictable landscapes. 

Get ready for all types of adventures – these rugged outdoor kicks have got you covered every step along the way! Take your next outdoor adventure to the extreme with these amazing boots! Lightweight and comfortable, they make navigating uneven terrain a breeze. 

With arch support tailored to fit high arches and wide feet, you’ll never want another pair of shoes again – plus, you can choose from regular or wider sizes too! Whether it’s winter weather that calls for heavier socks or summertime conditions requiring lighter articles of clothing, it’s easy to find footwear that fits both needs with ease. Go ahead and order yourself this perfect companion today – satisfaction is guaranteed!

4. SCARPA Kailash Lite Walking Shoe

Adventure and explore like never before with these supremely comfortable hiking boots. Crafted from a combination of soft suede leather, breathable textile, and supportive PU midsoles – they’re ideal for any terrain or challenge you face! Bonus – the reinforced lacing system keeps them lightweight yet low-profile to easily adjust fit on your journey. So say goodbye to discomfort when trekking in style!

Conquer any trail this summer with these unbeatable hiking boots! With their superior traction and grippy rubber outsoles, you’ll feel secure on even the toughest terrain. Plus there’s no need to worry about overheating – they’re designed with breathability in mind, so your feet will stay cool as a cucumber. 

These awesome boots are waterproof enough to handle whatever Mother Nature throws them! And don’t forget that zero break-in period means more time exploring nature than breaking in shoes.

5. Vasque Breeze Breathable Hiking Shoe

Discover the breakthrough in lightweight hiking- no compromises. Our shoes weigh only a pound, thanks to specially designed soles that are 25% lighter than our own boots. Even though they’re light as air, you won’t have to worry about trails too tough – with Vibram outsoles and compound lugs, those hills will be smooth sailing! 

Plus, with an upper made from synthetic microfiber plus abrasion-resistant mesh panels and an all-important GORE-TEX lining keeping your feet dry – trek confidently through any terrain, knowing you’re perfectly equipped for adventure every step of the way.

Step into these shoes and feel secure in any terrain! Their lightweight material provides incredible support on hikes through dunes or beaches, while their flexibility ensures maximum comfort. Keep your feet happy – experience the premium protection of waterproof and sand-proof footwear today!

6. Forsake Patch Hiking Boot

If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that can take on any terrain and weather condition, then these sneaker-soled hiking boots are just what you need! They’re waterproof with taped seams and a gusseted tongue so that they won’t get soaked in rain or snow. 

Plus, the internal bootie is designed to be breathable while also wicking away sweat – perfect if it’s hot out but still wet. These amazing shoes have been tried and tested everywhere, from icy slopes to tropical trails and even city streets – meaning your feet will stay safe no matter where life takes them! And don’t take our word for it: one customer hiked an entire week in them right off the bat during cold, very wet weather…and their feet were blissfully happy at 100%.

7. KEEN Targhee Vent Mid-Hiking Boot

These mid-rise hiking boots make you feel comfortable, secure, and stable on your outdoor adventures. With breathable mesh panels, an EVA footbed that cushions as you walk, and water-resistant oiled nubuck leather upper to keep dry in humid weather conditions, satisfied customers are using them for much more than just their treks!

 Plus, the injected TPU heel-capture system paired with rubber soles gives stability like none other. At the same time, reinforced eyelets make lacing up easy at any given time thanks to its speed hooks allowing 100% mobility during activities outdoors!

8. Columbia Newton Ridge Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Get ready to take on any terrain year-round with Columbia’s must-have fan-favorite hiking boot. Boasting 8,000+ 5-star ratings and made from waterproof full-grain leather suede plus a mesh tongue for breathability – you can rest assured your feet will stay safe yet cool in the toughest of conditions! 

Plus, the rubber sole offers dual-zone tread patterns suitable for snow, ice, or whatever adventures await, so what are you waiting for? Don’t just take our word for it – one satisfied customer says, ‘These shoes are phenomenal!’ Treat yourself today to this unbeatable combination of comfort & protection.

9. Northside Pioneer Mid-Rise Leather Hiking Boot

Get ready for all-day protection and comfort on your next outdoor adventure. These dependable hiking boots give you superior stability at an unbeatable price—less than $40! Crafted from 100% suede with breathable mesh inserts, the upper has a gusseted tongue to keep moisture out, while the rubber sole gives you a sure footing even in rough terrain. 

Plus, they feature removable insoles that provide cushioning so your feet can handle long hikes without breaking down. One satisfied customer says, “I love these boots!” On their recent 4-day hike over hills, rocks, and rivers – plus walking through oceans — no blisters or calluses were present due to this shoe’s awesome grip and traction; what more could you want?

10. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Mid-Hiking Boot

Get maximum comfort and breathability on hot days with Merrell’s hiking boots! The suede leather uppers and mesh panels keep your feet cool, while the Vibram sole provides superior grip across all terrains. Enjoy extra protection from dirt and moisture thanks to a foam closed-cell tongue plus an EVA-contoured footbed that offers optimal support.

 Plus, experience enhanced cushioning when walking over hard trails courtesy of their air cushion technology – it’ll feel like you’re weightless! As one review says: “These are the most comfortable hiking shoes I have owned… Perfect fit & good quality.” Get yours now for complete peace of mind outdoors!

What to Consider When Shopping For Summer Hiking Boots

When searching for the perfect hiking boots, you’ll want to keep comfort in mind and consider breathability versus waterproofing. For more ventilation on hot days, look for mesh panels with water-resistant soles, so your feet never get soaked, even when trekking through shallow puddles. 

Similarly, moisture-wicking liners allow enhanced airflow while still protecting wetter environments. Prefer a classic boot style? Opt for lighter colors, as these tend to be cooler than dark options due to their ability to absorb less heat!

Finding the Right Boot Sole For You

Are you prepared for your next adventure? Make sure to examine the sole of your hiking boots – Vibram rubber is renowned for its superior traction and dependability, while other rubbers can also feature great grip. 

Check out different treads suited towards each terrain type: if you’re planning on mountaineering, then soles with bigger lugs should provide an ideal purchase; conversely, wider lugs offer a more relaxed hike plus easier mud-removal. Additionally, midsoles come in two varieties – EVA which gives light support & impact absorption, or PU, whose cushioning delivers ultimate protection!

Guide for Hiking in Hot Weather

Proper Hydration

Are you an avid hiker? Ensure hydration is always on your list of priorities – it’s the most common health and safety mistake hikers tend to make. Check out our Hydration section in Health & Safety for all essential tips and advice so dehydration won’t halt your outdoor adventures!

Timing Your Day

Beat the heat on your next hike with our sunrise-to-sunset strategy! Start early to beat the high temperatures of midday and enjoy a leisurely lunch break in one of nature’s shady spots. End your day by taking advantage of cooler evening temps as you explore even further —and bask in an energy boost from carrying around that lighter pack all day long. Enjoy smarter hiking this summer—start now!

Sun Protection

Hikers taking on the demands of a 10+ hour day in the sun need to take extra steps for protection. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF30+, whether you opt for one application that lasts several hours or repetitive reapplication, is essential! Protect your head and neck from harmful UV rays by opting for a wide-brimmed hat and bandana combo.

Adapt-a-cap; is my go-to when spending lots of time outdoors. Or, if trekking through an arid desert climate without shade, consider bringing along an umbrella – just make sure it’s ready to handle moderate wind speeds too.

Guide for Hot Weather Hiking Boots


It can be hard to find the perfect hiking shoe upper for summer backpacking. Fortunately, manufacturers have you covered with various materials such as leather (cowhide, nubuck, and suede), fabric-leather combinations, synthetic leather, and nylon mesh, all offering unique advantages for your journey ahead!


Leather is great for shoes and boots, especially during off-trail backpacking. Though it’s highly durable against abrasion & punctures, comfortable to wear, and fairly breathable – leather may not be best in hotter weather when absorbing moisture quickly can make your feet uncomfortable. 

ECCO Yucatan is one of the few sandal styles with a premium leather upper perfect for treks through mountain regions where temperatures change frequently!


Six of nine models in our summer hiking guide feature fabric-leather uppers, offering comfort and durability. You’ll appreciate your cozy feet even more when you come across warm climates – keep in mind that this upper might not be best for exceptionally hot weather. 

Nylon mesh dominates these combinations due to its many properties, so invest in some leather boots or shoes and enjoy cool travels throughout any terrain!

Synthetic leather 

For serious outdoor performances, some designs rely on a combination of nonabsorbent and quick-dry materials. However, be aware that this fabric isn’t very breathable – so it’s not ideal for summer or hot weather hiking unless nylon is its companion! 

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor provides an exception; their classic model boasts mesh synthetic leather uppers designed to keep you comfortable across more rugged terrain.

Nylon, nylon mesh, polyester, and other textiles

Regarding trail running and hiking shoes, nylon mesh is a top choice for its unbeatable combination of breathability, lightweight, and quick drying time. Coarse-weave (300-420 denier) meshes provide extra strength when off the beaten path but are not ideal in hot weather due to decreased ventilation from their tight weave.

 For sandals that need more toughness without sacrificing comfort, KEEN Newport H2s and Chaco Mega Z Clouds boast durable high-tensile polyester webbing uppers – perfect for conquering any terrain!


Looking for the perfect shoe? The midsole is your best bet! EVA foam and PU are common midsoles used in hiking footwear, each offering unique characteristics. EVA foams provide lightweight cushioning that absorbs shock while remaining affordable, whereas PU offers more durability but comes at a greater cost and heavier weight.

 For those tough terrains or heavy loads, go with the solid boots featuring a sturdier solution of PolyurethaneMidsole – designed to handle it all without breaking down. When you need something lighter on your feet, reach out for trail runners made up of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate Midsole – quality performance every time!


Have you ever wondered why hiking boots feature such different, seemingly complex lug patterns on the bottom of their soles? Look no further than the material they are made out of! Rubber is one of the most popular shoe outsoles due to its incredible durability and slip resistance.

 For ultimate grip when trekking through tough terrain, shoe companies have developed intricate geometric structures specifically designed for superior traction – so that your rubber sole won’t let you down whether you’re hitting a technical trail or an easy-going walk!

Vibram has earned the title of leading outsole manufacturer, creating top-performing soles like MegaGrip to ensure excellent grip and traction. You’ll find Vibram on many mid to premium outdoor shoes such as New Balance Minimus Trail 10v1 or Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator – perfect for your summer hiking adventures! 

Besides traditional outsoles, they also make impressive barefoot designs like #1 on our list: Vibram V-Trek. Not far behind is Continental which works closely with brands including Adidas’s Terrex Agravic BOA (not listed). Many renowned shoe manufacturers are adopting these reliable technologies produced by both companies — so you can feel confident wherever life takes you!


Having dry, cool feet is essential for keeping your feet comfortable on all life’s adventures. But don’t forget about insoles – they also play a critical role in achieving that comfort! Look out for boots with high-quality orthotic footbeds from brands such as Salomon, or invest in professional inserts from Superfeet and Powerstep to help maximize the fit and feel when you put them on. 

With expertly crafted insoles, you can rest assured knowing that even the longest trips are taken care of!


When it comes to hiking in hot summer weather, breathability is the name of the game! Make sure your shoes have plenty of ventilation so that air can circulate and keep your feet cool. Pay close attention not just to the upper material – synthetics are more absorbent for maximum airflow – but also to how tightly knit or woven they are and other perforations designed for optimal circulation.

 Doing this will help manage moisture which could otherwise lead to blisters and infections if trapped against the skin over time. Keep your feet comfortable and healthy with ventilated footwear during warm-weather hikes!

Water resistance

Summer hikes just got much more comfortable with Merrel Moab Ventilator. These non-waterproof boots are the perfect choice for dry and hot conditions. If you’re expecting to experience wetter climates or rapidly changing mountain weather, then GORE-TEX shoes provide superior protection from environmental elements thanks to their advanced waterproof breathable membranes. It’s time to step into your summer hike in style and comfort with Merrel Moab Ventilator!

Support, stability & traction

When tackling tough terrain, choosing the right footwear is essential. The midsole, insole, and outsole are key elements to consider when providing your feet with supportive stability.

Knowing exactly what type of surface you will be on is also important; a wet, muddy area might have different traction requirements than an arid desert or mountain range.

Outsoles need proper design and materials, as well as fitting tread patterns for maximum grip – so you can successfully traverse even the most challenging surfaces without slipping up!

It would help if you had optimal cushioning, support, and stability to keep your feet feeling good. For a reliable blend of these features, no matter the terrain or conditions, try Salomon’s Quest 4D 3 GTX outsole with its groundbreaking 4D advanced chassis technology, which gives precise foot control for better grip and performance.

If instead lightweight breathability is more important than extra protection, go with their X Ultra 3’s solid lugs that offer confident footing on the tricky ground while keeping you cool in hot weather.

Final Thoughts

Make the most of your summer hikes with the best footwear for any terrain and weather! Choose from sandals, barefoot shoes, or trail-running shoes to keep you cool in hot weather.

Opt for waterproof boots that breathe well if changing temperatures are expected on your journey. And don’t forget sturdy hiking boots and backpacking boots – they’ll take you through rough terrain, even snowy slopes!

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